Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Happy #fashionwednesday and my continuation of BIRTHDAY WEEK! I turn 23 on Friday so every post this week is centered around celebrating my birthday (check out the previous posts here: Taylor Swift Celebrity Recreation & 23 Lessons in 23 Years). Today’s post is my birthday styled shoot – and I’ve been so excited about posting it! I worked with Erin Stubblefield – a dear, dear friend and incredibly talented photographer – to create this adorable shoot. Check it out below:


Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

This post is in partnership with Bed, Bath & Beyond. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Decor specifics:

I put together this beautiful spread with the help of Bed Bath & Beyond. I used their Fitz & Floyd Luster line to fill my spread. The theme of this shoot was Black, Gold & Maroon – so I made sure to incorporate those colors as much as possible. They had everything I needed to decorate the table spread – and it was so easy to shop online. I always thought of BB&B as the wedding registry go-to and never really thought about how easy they would make it to decorate a space like this! While they obviously offer regular housewares, they also have a huge collection of home decor.


Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

You can shop the gold sequin table runner HERE.

The items from the Fitz & Floyd collection I used were: 

Stemless Wine Glasses | Ice Bucket | Pedestal Cake Stand

I also purchased flowers from Dierbergs Floral Department for the centerpiece. I was so excited to find these – I went in with the intention to purchase maroon roses, babies breath and some greenery but immediately decided on this bouquet instead. It had the PERFECT colors for this shoot (and I didn’t have to put it together myself – bonus points).

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

For my desserts, those are also from Dierbergs! I had a bakery lined up, but last minute they had to cancel (bummer) – so I had to do a last minute dessert run. I am glad I did because the cupcakes were literally mouth watering. I made Adam help me eat them because there was no way I was going to eat 12 red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I went with red velvet because they were maroon and matched. #sorrynotsorry. The big cupcake was a Jenny’s Cupcake (a local bakery) and was chocolate turtle flavored. AKA this shoot did not help with my healthy food diet I’m supposed to be working on. 

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

I hit up Party City for all my balloon needs for this shoot – and wasn’t disappointed. I bought their giant number balloons last year when I turned 22! I love that they had the clear balloons with cold confetti on them, as well as solid balloons. They filled them for me and guaranteed they would float for at least 24 hours and tied them exactly like I needed them to the weights. 

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

This venue is called Willow, and it’s in downtown St. Louis. It is so open and airy – if I were to get married again, I would SO book them for my reception. If you saw my Friendsgiving shoot, this was also the location of that event! There are big gorgeous windows, the light fixtures look like modern art and the staff is incredibly warm and welcoming. It’s located in the center of downtown St. Louis, right near Washington Ave. so it’s super close to the majority of the hub bub downtown. Truly – if you are in  St. Louis and need to book a venue for your event, this is the place to do it. 

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Outfit specifics:

This maroon dress was a Christmas gift from my sweet husband – and right now it is on sale for $15!!!!! He went rogue off my Christmas list and bought this little number from H&M! It fits SO well and is super flattering. It is also t-shirt material, so it’s incredibly comfortable. 

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

These velvet heels are $25 on Amazon….so… should probably pick them up like yesterday. I am obsessed with them. Not only are they insanely comfortable to walk in, they are also the perfect LBP (little black pumps).

The necklace (the one linked is very similar – mine is sold out) I wore is from Baublebar and it’s one of my favorite statement necklaces. It’s sparkly without overwhelming the entire outfit.


Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

I had so much fun doing this birthday shoot (can it be my birthday every week?) and am so thankful that I am able to enjoy another year of my life with the people I love.

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Thank you AGAIN to Willow for hosting this shoot and Erin for taking my pictures, being endlessly patient with my silly ideas (like blowing glitter directly into her face) and sharing her talent with me and my audience. And thank you to Bed Bath & Beyond for providing table spread decor!

Birthday Styled Shoot + #OOTD

Let me know what some of your favorite birthday traditions are in the comments below!

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  1. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 17th Jan 18

    PERFECTION. You are perfection and ilysm.

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jan 18

      You are perfection and I love you more than ANYTHING ELSE

  2. Delia | 17th Jan 18

    Oh my gosh Taylor you look amazing! I love everything about these pics! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Morgan Klein | 17th Jan 18

    You look so cute and happy. Love these pictures and happy birthday!!!!

  4. Ashley Stephenson | 17th Jan 18

    This is such a cute photo shoot! I love the shot of your blowing the glitter! And burgundy is so your color! Girl you look great!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jan 18

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love maroon/Burgundy. SO flattering.

  5. Kimberly Burke | 17th Jan 18

    OMGOSH I love this!!! Happy 23rd birthday! Your dress is gorgeous and I love the decor!

  6. Lees | 17th Jan 18

    Glad you had a great birthday! I particularly loved the decor and the balloons are great!! Your outfit was on point as well

  7. Lily | 17th Jan 18

    This is the best birthday party EVER!! I love the decor and you look so darn cute!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jan 18

      Thank you Lily! I wish it was birthday every day!

  8. Leslie@Peaches&Willow | 17th Jan 18

    This shoot is gorgeous! I love the gold and maroon scheme. The cake stand and the table runner are on my wish list now.

  9. cara | 17th Jan 18

    What a gorgeous birthday party shoot! The photos are amazing and you look beautiful as always. Love all the decor from Bed Bath and Beyond too!

  10. Jenny | 17th Jan 18

    This is the cutest shoot! Dying over the “nobody likes you when you’re 23” sign because I love Blink 182 haha. Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jan 18

      LOL. I love Blink 182. Not going to lie – I still listen to them on the reg. HAHA

  11. Krystin | 17th Jan 18

    This is such a gorgeous photo shoot, hope you have an amazing birthday!

  12. Nellwyn | 17th Jan 18

    Happy Birthday! This photoshoot is so pretty, I love how you’ve styled it. Those cupcakes look incredible too!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jan 18

      Thank you Nellwyn! I am so glad you liked it!

  13. Michelle Stallings | 17th Jan 18

    This shoot turned out fabulous!

  14. Liz | 17th Jan 18

    Happy birthday!! What a cute styled birthday shoot! The maroon is a great pop of color with the gold and black 🙂

  15. Ruthie Ridley | 17th Jan 18

    What a fun styled shoot!! Love the color of this dress!!

  16. Kiara | 17th Jan 18

    LOVE your photo shoot here for your birthday! That dress you have on is gorgeous and the color is so flattering! Hope you’re having a wonderful week and enjoy every minute! Have a wonderful birthday ✨🎈

  17. Jasmine | 17th Jan 18

    Okay I am loving this and I definitely want to do something like this for my 30th this year.

  18. The Stylin Educator | 17th Jan 18

    I love this!!! Hope you have a great Birthday!!!!

  19. Kristen Jones | 17th Jan 18

    Okay this is seriously the cutest ever! You look stunning, too! I always love doing something a little extra for my birthday. I hope yours is AMAZING!

  20. Nicole | 17th Jan 18

    Look at all that glitter, my kids would love it!! Happy birthday Taylor! Beautiful table decor too btw!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jan 18

      Thanks Nicole! There’s never too much glitter!

  21. Celeste Godoy | 18th Jan 18

    This is such a cool and fun styled shoot! Love the color palette and every décor detail 🙂 Also, that venue 😍

  22. Kileen | 18th Jan 18

    Omg this is such a cute shoot girl!! I love the party decor, and you look amazing!

    cute & little

  23. Nataly | 18th Jan 18

    YOU look gorgeous! I love this whole idea!

  24. Helen | 18th Jan 18

    Happy Birthday girl! I love love love your styled shoot. You look so happy. I have to say, the last photo is my favorite! 🙂

  25. Chelsie | 18th Jan 18

    You stunning, pretty little thing! Also, I love all the the gold accessories you used – that table runner is DREAMS

    • Taylor Mobley | 18th Jan 18

      RIGHT? I need one for every table I own, ASAP. Thanks C. 🙂

  26. Kelsie | 18th Jan 18

    OMG girl this is the cutest ever!1 Happy belated birthday! You looked gorgeous, as always!!

    • Taylor Mobley | 18th Jan 18

      Thank you Kelsie! You aren’t late – my birthday is tomorrow!!

  27. Stephanie | 18th Jan 18

    I love that you totally went all out for your birthday shoot! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. Maybe for my 25th next year! All those red velvet cupcakes look delicious – that’s my favorite cake flavor. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your actual birthday day! 🙂

  28. Hope Harris | 19th Jan 18

    This is literally the cutest shoot I’ve ever seen!

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