Best Friend Questionnaire


Happy Friday! That means t-minus 1 day until WEDDING DAY for Chelsea! I am beyond excited to be a part of my best friends big day. In honor of this, I wanted to do something different for B&A and introduce you to my main squeeze, Chelsea Marie. I sent her a questionnaire and had her fill out one with the answers she thought I would say, and one with her answers. Let’s find out how well we REALLY know each other after all these years with this Best Friend Questionnaire. We get one point every time we answer something correctly, and I’ll add the points up at the end!

Best Friend Questionnaire

Best Friend Questionnaire


My actual answers

What’s you favorite color? Pink! 

What are 3 places you would like to visit? NYC (like all the time), Mexico (again), Australia. 

What’s you favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese or any kind of pasta, really. 

How many minutes does it take for you to get dressed? A long time. An hour and a half maybe if I’m doing hair and makeup. 

What are the things you carry at all time? Cell phone, lipstick, keys. 

Who was your first kiss? Taylor Hornung 

What annoys you the most? PEOPLE BURPING NEAR ME. ARGHHHDSUD. 

What is you dream job? I’m living it!!! Blonde & Ambitious is totally my dream job. 

Which is your favorite season? Fall, because Halloween is my favorite holiday. 

What’s your favorite sport? LOL 

What do you like the most about Chelsea? The support she gives me no matter what. My #1 fan, ladies and gentlemen. 

How and when did you first meet? Technically? Freshman gym. But we became best friends when we were both munchkins in the summer musical. 

What is the craziest thing you did? Ashley’s car. Library parking lot. We swore never to speak of it.  

Best Friend Questionnaire

What Chelsea thought I would answer

What’s her favorite color? It was pink in high school, so I’m gonna say that hasn’t changed. (nicely done, Chel. +1)

What are 3 places she would like to visit? NYC literally all the time, Mexico, and Milan. (2/3. I’ll accept it. +1)

What’s her favorite food? Mac n Cheeeeze. (three for three so far. #impressed +1)

How many minutes does it take for her to get dressed? ALL of the minutes tbh. (1.5 hours is probably all of the minutes. ugh. +1)

What are the things she carries at all time? Extra lipstick (at least three different ones), her phone, something with a crown on it. (2/3 again. I probs should have added the crown thing on my own, tbh. You’re not wrong. +1)

Who was her first kiss? T. Hornung 😉 (+1)

What annoys your best friend the most? BURPS LOL (HAHA I’m so glad this hasn’t been forgot about yet. or ever. +1)

What is her dream job? She’s had a lot of dream jobs! Veterinarian, special effects make-up artist, stylist. (She had a fair answer, tbh. My life did not turn out like I thought it was going to in the best way. But it wasn’t technically right so, +0)

Which is her favorite season? This is just a guess but Spring because it’s objectively great. (You should have known this, Chel. I’m embarrassed for you. +0)

What’s her favorite sports? Lol (hahah I’m glad we had the same response here…. +1)

What do you like the most about him or her? She always supports me<3 and she lets me bitch and still loves me. (+1)

How and when did we first meet? kind of freshman gym but we really connected during our town’s summer musical. (+1)

What is the craziest thing we did? the world needs to know about YAT… (I should give you negative points for even bringing this up. *insert mad emoji here*. But it’s a fair answer too…. +0)

TOTAL SCORE FOR CHELSEA: 10/13. Well done. 😀

Best Friend Questionnaire


Chelsea’s actual answers

What’s your favorite color? soft greens and purples.

What are 3 places you would like to visit? the grand canyon, Budapest, disney world

What’s your favorite food? mac n cheese because duh….also chicken fingers. I’m five it’s fine.

How many minutes does it take for you to get dressed? 10 or so

What are the things you carry at all times? vaseline lol

Who was your first kiss? Logan Wilhite in 7th grade

What annoys you the most? stupid people tbh

What is your dream job? I wish I knew 🙁 SOS

Which is your favorite season? FALL

What’s your favorite sports? lol

What do you like the most about Taylor? She always supports me<3 and she lets me bitch and still loves me.

How and when did you first meet? kind of freshman gym but we really connected during our town’s summer musical.

What is the craziest thing you did together? the world needs to know about YAT…

Best Friend Questionnaire

What I thought she would answer:

What’s your favorite color? Olive greens and light purples. (I’m good. +1)

What are 3 places you would like to visit? France (again), Disney world, St. Louis to see me (1/3, I fail +0)

What’s your favorite food? Mac n cheese & indian food (1/2, I’m going to give that to myself)

How many minutes does it take for you to get dressed? Approx. 10 (score. +1)

What are the things you carry at all times? Chapstick. hands down. (+1. She needs to take out stock in vaseline. Seriously.)

Who was your first kiss? Uhh..L.Wilhite? (YES. +1)

What annoys you the most? She doesn’t like stupid people who don’t use common sense. (+1)

What is your dream job? Linguistics! (That’s fair. But she did get a degree in linguistics so you can see my confusion. +0) 

Which is your favorite season? FALL (+1)

What’s your favorite sports? LOL (+1)

What do you like the most about Taylor? I’ll support her and be loyal to her until pretty much the end of time. (+1)

How and when did you first meet? Freshman gym / Summer Musical (+1)

What is the craziest thing you did together? Ashley’s car, library parking lot? (+0)

TOTAL SCORE FOR TAYLOR: 10/13. Great minds think alike. 😉

Best Friend Questionnaire


Best Friend Questionnaire

Best Friend Questionnaire

Best Friend Questionnaire

Well, there it is!! Our Q&A to see how well we REALLY know each other. Turns out, we know each other pretty well (obviously, after this many years, we better). I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have so many incredible women as my friends in my life. I made a conscious decision to surround myself with people who lift me up and make me a better person. Chelsea is the Christina to my Meredith forever.

Best Friend Questionnaire

Do you have a best friend (outside of your S/O)? Tell me about them in the comments below!!


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  1. kate | 9th Jun 17

    cute idea

  2. Carrie Chance | 9th Jun 17

    It looks like the 2 of you have an awesome relationship. That is the kind of friendship that lasts a long time

  3. Stephanie | 9th Jun 17

    How cute are you two! Definitely friend goals!

  4. Kathiey | 9th Jun 17

    Great questions. Many of them I had no idea when I thought of my closest friend. I better get to work:-)

  5. Amanda Frazier | The Light Owl | 9th Jun 17

    Aw I love this and it makes me sad that my bff and I have drifted apart in the last few years. I’m not sure she could even answer some of these questions anymore. 🙁

    • Taylor Mobley | 9th Jun 17

      That is the worst!!! I hope you can work it out!!

  6. Pam Avoledo | 9th Jun 17

    Such a sweet post! It’s great that you are so close!

  7. Krysten | 9th Jun 17

    Aw this was fun, you’re lucky to have each other!

  8. Sondra | 9th Jun 17

    This was so sweet to read. A good best friend is a treasure to have.

  9. Raewyn Sangari | 9th Jun 17

    This was so fun, and happy wedding day to Chelsea!!

    I am going to steal this idea for my best friend’s bachelorette next year!

  10. Rachel Ritlop | 10th Jun 17

    Awe this is SO sweet!!! Yay for best friend’s also love the throw back pics!!

  11. Jessy | 10th Jun 17

    Such a fun idea! You two are the cutest!

    xo, Jessy |

  12. courtney | 10th Jun 17

    This is so adorable, it seems like you two have the sweetest relationship and are truly like sisters.

  13. Chelsea Pearl | 10th Jun 17

    Loved reading through the answers! Definitely makes me want to do this with my best friend.

  14. Iliana | 10th Jun 17

    This is the cutest post! You two are adorble and wish you a long and forever friendship!

    Btw I can relate to people burping around me!

    Iliana |

  15. Kimberly | 10th Jun 17

    Oh my gosh … this is too fun! I am totally printing out these questions and doing this with my best friend!

  16. Oyinkan Ogunleye | 11th Jun 17

    I think I know my best friend really well! We would ace this quiz lol!

  17. Stephanie | 11th Jun 17

    Oh my gosh this is THE cutest post! I’m sending it to my best friend right now to see if she will get the answers right haha!

  18. Lauren | 11th Jun 17

    Omg this is too cute! Congrats to your bestie on her wedding day! Omg I bet you are going to have the best time ever!


    Lauren //

  19. Corsica Nambiar | 12th Jun 17

    Aw this is so great!! I might get some of these to ask my besties!!! Ya’ll really know each other!

  20. Bryanna | 12th Jun 17

    Oh my goodness, you two are the freakin cutest! Such great idea and I’m sending this over to my best friend. Im curious now 😂

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

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    […] In high school, I had my very best friend Chelsea (you can read about her and our friendship here) and our other great friend Jordan. We were three peas in a pod and I loved it. I loved having a […]

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