April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Happy Fri-YAY! In continuing with “monthly obsessions” series (check out last month’s here), today is the last Friday of April, so here we are! I honestly can’t believe it’s come so quickly…2018 is flying by in typical yearly fashion. I always want time to slow the heck down but as they say, time stops for no man!! In some ways, I’m grateful time is going quickly because trials end faster and unpleasant situations don’t stay for long…but in other ways, I wish I had forever to stay young with my sweet husband in this time of life we are in. MOVING ON THO (the tangents have been REAL today while writing blog posts): I am going to be sharing 10 things I’ve been LOOOOOOVING this month! Let’s jump into this.


April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Head Scarves

Y’all. Y’ALL. DO NOT SLEEP ON THESE. Over the past weekend (literally like less than a full week ago) – I discovered headscarves thanks to Chelsie. She always wears them and TOTALLY rocks them and I wanted to try the trend out for myself. I plan on doing a full tutorial showing you my favorite styles and where to buy them but for now rest assured that you won’t go wrong with cute headscarves. Buy all of them. Right now. Just. Add to cart.

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Adidas Superstars

These have been bopping around in my closet and airport style since Christmas and I’ve yet to really include them in anything. I wear them several times a week, they are my “errand” shoes and they are SO comfortable on my feetsies. They are also 100% instagrammable and I’m not ashamed to admit that’s like half the reason I buy things. Ok? Ok.

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Philosophy Micellar Water

This stuff is the SHIZ. Taking off my makeup at night has never been easier. I use a bamboo washcloth because it’s gentler on my face than a regular washcloth and just pour a little bit of this directly onto the cloth and then onto my face. I don’t even need to use my Dermalogica Precleanse to break up my makeup. It isn’t greasy, it doesn’t make me break out and it even removes waterproof mascara. It’s a winner.

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salt Kettle Corn

I discovered this back in February actually but I’ve been eating this nonstop this month in particular. I am rarely NOT craving this at any given moment. It’s the perfect cross between salty and sweet, they have a nice crunch and it’s almost healthy so you can’t even feel bad eating the entire bag in one sitting. Not TOO bad anyways.

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Cheetah Print Flats

A few months ago, I had to get rid of my cheetah flats because I had worn completely through the soles. That is the second pair of cheetah flats I’ve worn through and I just haven’t replaced them yet. Then, while in Utah with my girls, I found a pair of flats at Burlington Coat Factory for $9.99 and basically THREW my money at the cashier. These were LESS than $10. Let that soak in and then run to your nearest BCF. 

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Cube (phone & key tracker)

This stuff is AWESOME. They actually sent me this little cube to test out a few weeks ago and I have been testing it out and using regularly and it’s changed my dang life. If you ask my husband, he will tell you that I lose my phone and my keys constantly. I never am not looking for one or the other. You can’t tell me you haven’t been running out the door and forgotten your keys and then you can’t find them and then you’re late and it’s the worst. Cube changes that because as soon as you realize you are missing your keys, you just tap a little button on your phone and bam. You can hear your keys ringing in the distance and out the door you go. Magic.

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Ampersand As Apostrophe Leather Handbags

I LOVE THIS HANDBAG COMPANY. I got this bag as a late birthday present last month but didn’t really use it until this month and it’s been my go-to since that moment in time. The leather is SO nice, the hot pink color is vibrant and beautiful. I actually had to look up the company because I had never heard of the brand before and they have so many awesome handbag styles. They even have this incredible melon color that I probably need asap. Check all their bags out and #treatyoself

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée 

I didn’t try this gloss forever because I am the worst when it comes to trying really trendy products. I like to be pretend like I don’t jump on bandwagons but in reality I just wait until they’re pretty irrelevant and then get them. #facts So now that I’ve finally tried the butter gloss, I will never go back. This shade in particular is my perfect peachy nude and has replaced every single gloss in my collection and also it smells live heaven’s pearly gates. 

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Ardell Faux Minx Wispies Lashes

These are the bomb.com! I am always trying new lashes because I feel like I just haven’t found a lash that I am obsessed with and want to wear for the rest of my life in every situation. These lashes may just take the cake. I really love the look of faux mink lashes, but often times the band is just WAY to thick and I hate the way they feel on my eyes. My eyes are SO sensitive to lashes. These faux mink lashes have the thinnest band and I barely felt them all day long. Win win win win win!

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Versona Sunnies

I bought these a few weeks ago because I was in Louisiana and I was finally near a Versona. I have had a gift card for this store in my wallet for over a year, no lie, but you can’t make purchases online with a gift card and I don’t have one near me. I love Versona and SO WISH there was one local. These sunnies were under $10 and they make me feel like a fashion QUEEN. I feel completely bada$$ while wearing them and they on rotation in my purse right now. 

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions


April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

I hope you guys loved this monthly favorites post and are still continuing to enjoy posts like this! I am trying to share everything that I am loving – even venturing outside of beauty and fashion. 🙂

April 2018 Monthly Obsessions

Let me know which one of these products you are like the most in the comments below!! 

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Trish | 27th Apr 18

    I love those head scarves and have to get some right away! I especially like the one with cute spring flowers. Also – that kettle corn looks SO yummy! Hope you have a great weekend and a terrific month ahead!

    • Taylor Mobley | 27th Apr 18

      Thanks Trish!! You’d look AMAZING in one of the headscarves. Plus Amazon Prime, amiright?

  2. Rose Hu | 27th Apr 18

    Love the handbag!

    Nyx is a long time favorite of mine, especially their Soft Matte Lip Creams. Never tried the Butter Gloss line, but maybe I should!

    Rose | http://www.shoestringgirl.com

  3. Alix Maza | 27th Apr 18

    Ohh those sunnies are super cute! I love the Philosophy Purity mask so I need to try the micellar water also.

  4. Kileen | 28th Apr 18

    Great monthly favorites babe! I am loving this popcorn and the Adidas superstars! So cute.

    cute & little

  5. Jasmine | 28th Apr 18

    I have a pair of leopard print flats.
    I need to try out that “cube” lol I never know where I place my keys. Especially when I switch purses and forget the night before.

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      That’s me, too. I am CONSTANTLY moving and losing my keys.

  6. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 29th Apr 18

    You just know I have all the same loved bc HELLO BOOM CHICKA POP. Let’s hangout again together ASAP plz

  7. Cristina | 30th Apr 18

    Head scarfs are so nice and retro! The NYX lipstick colour is sooo pretty.

  8. Stephanie | 30th Apr 18

    These are some great favorites! Superstars are always on my list, that’s for sure! And the Cube sounds perfect for my fiancé! He loses everything haha. Can’t wait to find out what you’re loving in May!

  9. Deborah | 30th Apr 18

    Great roundup! I LOVE that NYX butter gloss – I always make sure I have at least two haha.
    Also, I need to try that Philosophy micellar water!

  10. sharon wu | 30th Apr 18

    aghh i love that kettle corn too! sooo good. and those adidas are so classic and to die for! great faves darling xo

  11. Whitney | 30th Apr 18

    I love my Adidas All-Stars! so comfy!

  12. Thuy | 30th Apr 18

    I love headbands and also the Addidas!

  13. Nailil | 30th Apr 18

    Those headbands are absolutely cute. I see that they are a trending item this Spring and may need to try them.

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