Hello! I’m so glad you would like to get in touch with  me! If you are a blogger looking to collaborate, just shoot me an email and use the subject “collab”. If you are a brand looking to view my media kit, please shoot me an email and use the subject “media kit”. I will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.

*please note that Blonde & Ambitious Blog does not accept guest posts.



  1. Katie McMahon | 28th Sep 15

    Taylor Anne, I am SO very impressed with you and this website, AND how you study!!! Where do you find the time? You are amazing! So proud of you!

  2. Amanda White | 5th Feb 18

    Hey Taylor! We’ve never officially met, but I served my mission with your in-laws! So I kinda feel like I know from the wonderful things they’ve said about you!! I honestly don’t know which “collab” or “media kit” but I would love to do something with you! (Secretly thinking the latter, but I will probably need your help there 🙂
    I’m part of a direct sales company called Color Street. Less than a year old, Color Street produces 100% nail polish strips that last 14 days after application. They’re cute, easy, and inexpensive.
    I definitely wouldn’t mind sending a twosie sample or a set. I’ve never done this before (obviously) so let me know. I apologize that I’m such a novist, but thank you in advance for any extra time spent on me! Let me know if/what you need!! Thank you so much again!!!

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