5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

Happy FRI-YAY. I’m mostly excited because today I get to pick up Amanda from Blissfulgal.com from the airport. CUE EXCITED SQUEALS. We have a jam packed weekend for you guys — so be sure to follow along on my instastories for all the excitement and fun! But — aside from that, today I am talking about something any good pet owner need to chat about: how to keep all that DANG PET HAIR off your carpets…and furniture…and clothing…and weird crevices you didn’t know hair could cling to….. I am partnering up with Shark to how you guys how to keep your home CLEAN of pet hair, so you can actually have people over and not be embarrassed about your house situation. Let’s do this.


5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

The vacuum featured in this post was gifted to me by Shark. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

So, if you know me at all (and most of you do by now)..you know I love animals. Like. A lot. Like. I just adopted a little stray cat I found on the side of the road a few weeks ago and added him to our fambam. We now have TWO adorable kittens — Izzy (10 months old – adopted in February) and Chester (4 months old – adopted beginning of August). They are best friends, and we couldn’t have asked for better (or cuter) additions to our little family!

Unfortunately..there is a downside to having pets (I know, I know. It’s like I cussed). All. The. Dang. Hair. Now that we have two fur babies (one black and one white), I feel like I am pretty much inhaling hair all the time. All our furniture is beige, so both black AND white hair show up on it. You can’t really see the hair on our carpet, but I know it’s there and it collects by the baseboards.  We also have a beige bedspread so..you guessed it..you can see it there, too. The rest of our furniture is black, so there goes the white hair again. Moral of the story is: no matter what color the item of furniture I own is, I can still see cat hair.

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

How do you fix this issue? Keep reading my 5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair to find out!

STEP ONE: Get on a regular cleaning schedule. 

More pets means more hair. I think it’s a totally reasonable trade off. πŸ˜‰ I have a set schedule I’ve been religious about keeping since we got our second cat. I was occasionally a little bit lazy when it came to keeping this routine with just Izzy in the house, but it’s double trouble now so it’s doubl-y important to keep on track. Here’s my schedule:

Sunday – REST

Monday – Dust / Kitchen & Bathroom Counters / Vacuum (floors + furniture)

Tuesday – Bath Tub / Toilet / Change Cat Box / Microwave + Stove Top / Sweep + Steam Hard Floors

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – Dust / Kitchen & Bathroom Counters / Vacuum (floors + furniture) 

Friday – REST

Saturday – Reorganize / Mirrors + Windows / Baseboards / Dust / Sweep + Steam Hard Floors

I feel like this is some really weird workout routine. LOL. But for real. This will keep you on track, and make sure your home stays clean all the time.

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

STEP TWO: Get a good duster

I mean, like one with an extendable handle and lots of little fluffy things to catch the dust. And when I say dust, I mean: the hard furniture, picture frames, book shelves, blinds and light fixtures, air vents, room corners, door frames and baseboards. This is also going to make anyone that comes over to your house and has a pet allergy much happier. The least amount of dust there is in your home, the less allergies will flair up.

STEP THREE: Brush your pet regularly.

This is really important because if you get the loose hairs before they fall out into your home, you can seriously cut down on the amount of hair you have to clean up later. You should be brushing your dog 3x a week and your cats once a week. Cats are great at licking loose hairs off of themselves (although that does result in fur balls — gross). Stay on top of this and get into a routine so that you and your pet are more comfortable with it. Dogs are more likely to want to be brushed than cats, so it may take some acclimating before your fur baby enjoys the experience.

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

STEP FOUR: Give your pet a healthy diet. 

I’ve talked about what food I support when I did my collaboration with Royal Canin (read about it here). A good diet can help with fur management more than anything else. Your pets coat should be shiny, healthy and they shouldn’t be losing more than a normal amount of hair every day. Both my cats have AWESOME coats — they are so silky soft and thick. I credit that to having an awesome diet and lots of pets. πŸ˜‰

STEP FIVE: Invest in a good vacuum.

I know what it’s like not to have a good vacuum. It sucks. We bought a cordless vacuum when we first got married, and at first it was great. It did the job in our little one room apartment. However, when we graduated to a big kid apartment, it conveniently broke from overuse. Luckily, I was able to team up with Shark to test out their new Shark DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed. It’s specifically made to help with pet hair and trap allergens in the air because the sealed design and HEPA filter of this Shark Rotator Lift-Away vacuum keep 99.99 percent of dust and allergens trapped inside (!!!!). It is powerful, light and has all the gadgets I need to get my carpets, by my baseboards, my couch, my hard floors and my kitchen chairs. As you can tell, it’s Izzy & Chester approved. I have noticed a big difference in the cleanliness of my home (especially carpets) since using this vacuum, and I am really grateful that I no longer have to inhale cat hair every time I step into my home (it’s the little things, ya know). If you have multiple pets, one of the best things you can do is make sure you are vacuuming up the hair regularly and using a GOOD vacuum at that. Shark is an awesome brand and this model doesn’t disappoint. 

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)


5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

There you have it. FIVE fool-proof ways to keep the pet hair from ruining your life. I have quite literally baked cat hair into dinners before. Appetizing. Hopefully — that will never happen again. LOL.

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Free Of Pet Hair (When You Have Multiple Pets)

Do you have an awesome trick to keeping pet hair at bay? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Rachel Ritlop | 1st Sep 17

    Yes girl! Having a good vacuum is key with pets! That sounds like an awesome product!

  2. Veg Is Life | 1st Sep 17

    Ah, you’re white kitty looks just like my Lily! I used to brush my cars every single day and switched them to all raw diet. It wasn’t easy at first but it was the best thing I’ve done – their coats were super shiny, they weren’t shedding much, no smell, littler box didn’t smell at all, and house was kept fur free with minimal cleaning. Great tips, thank you!

    • Taylor Mobley | 1st Sep 17

      k I need to hear more about this raw diet???? where did you find all the info on it?

  3. Kristen Jones | 1st Sep 17

    I feel like as a kitty mama, our vacuuming responsibilities will never end. haha! Once my hubby and I get a bigger place, we might just need to upgrade to this vacuum! πŸ™‚

  4. elizabeth allcock | 1st Sep 17

    I don’t have a dog myself but we always dog sit and the hair gets everywhere. I definitely agree that you need a good vacuum.

  5. Kristin Cook | 1st Sep 17

    Yes! So much yes! We have three very big dogs and without a good vacuum we would be doomed!

  6. Jessica Collazo | 1st Sep 17

    Those are cute cats you have there. I need a vacuum too. We havw a. Black Labrador and she gets hair all over the place.

  7. Carly | 1st Sep 17

    Your fur babies are adorable!! I have two cats, too and the hair seems to get out of control. I am ready to invest in a better vacuum!

  8. Lauren | 1st Sep 17

    This looks like an awesome product! I love my dog, but man she sheds a lot!!

  9. Adaleta | 1st Sep 17

    Oh this is so smart, I love the furry friends but the hair can get crazy!

  10. Dominique | 1st Sep 17

    That’s a serious vacuum cleaner! Love your cat shots! I have to admit – that is one thing I don’t miss about having cats…the fur everywhere!

  11. Samantha | 1st Sep 17

    Yes! I have a doberman and a shih tzu, so our house is usually covered in dog hair. But I have found that keeping up with my cleaning schedule helps so much with that. And just a month or so ago we got a Shark vacuum and I am in love with it! PS- your cats are so gorgeous!

  12. Crystal // Dreams, etc. | 1st Sep 17

    I hear ya on seeing hair EVERYWHERE! I only one have dog, but she’s a Cavalier, so super fluffy, and she’s a tri-color, so I see the dark hair on light colored furniture and the light hair on dark colored furniture. Her hair also manages to get into food, I’m sure because I’m covered in it. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ I’ve found her hair is easier to manage when I brush her regularly (like, once a day at least) and vacuum often. Luckily, even though she doesn’t love being brushed, she definitely tolerates it and let’s me do it. She prefers it when I brush the hair on her belly… she’s a tummy rub lover, so I think when I brush her hair it feels like a tummy scratch.

  13. Becky | 1st Sep 17

    We have two cats and their hair is everywhere! Getting a high quality vacuum helped a lot.

  14. Jessi Smith | 1st Sep 17

    I have 4 cats, one black, one brown, one Grey, one white. I understand the never ending hair mess, but it’s totally worth it! We have a shark too. Best vacuum ever! I would also invest in a carpet shampooer. I use that almost as much as the vacuum!

  15. Monica | 1st Sep 17

    I need to follow this schedule! Dog hair is taking over my house!

  16. Jenny | 1st Sep 17

    This is a good cleaning schedule! I totally need to get one of my own going soon.

  17. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 1st Sep 17

    I love your kitty – so cute! I have a German Shepherd and she sheds All. Year. Long! I need a great tool like this Shark. It sounds great!

  18. La Shell | 2nd Sep 17

    Thanks for the recommendations! I have no pets now but my mom has a little doggie that moved into their home from next door who shed alot. Haha! I’d pass on the info.

  19. Elizabeth Johnson | 2nd Sep 17

    These are really great tips! Brushing your pet regularly really does help. We try to wash our dog regularly too. That does help keep the hair at bay.

  20. Amber @ xoxo, Am | 2nd Sep 17

    I definitely know the struggle!! My pugs shed so much!

  21. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 4th Sep 17

    Your cleaning schedule is LEGIT!! I need to actually get us on a specific day-of-the-week routine…works wonders!

    Coming Up Roses

  22. Melissa | 6th Sep 17

    Sometimes I just give up with that hahaha. My pup has long hair and find it around my clothes and home is kinda part of my life. But I need to make something about it!

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