5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

Happy TUESDAY! I have just come home from a magical weekend with my best friends – Erica from Coming Up Roses, Amanda from Blissful Gal and Chelsie from Hey There, Chelsie. We met on the internet and it’s been total best friend goals ever since. We were celebrating Amanda’s birthday and had the absolute best time. The vlog and Salt Lake City recap will be live tomorrow – so be sure to check it out then!! Today, however, we are going to be talking about my other besties: my two darling kitties and five tried & true products I use to make them the happiest cats on the whole block. Let’s dive into this.

5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

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5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

Number One: Mini Scratching Post

This scratching post was honestly one of the best investments we made when we first brought Isabel home. She and Chester have pretty much nearly destroyed it now but they love it SO MUCH. It’s great because it deters them from tearing up our furniture (note: deters. they still try to destroy all our furniture). They also love to chase each other around the post and grab each others tails and it’s basically adorable. So if nothing else – get it for the cute factor????

Number Two: Cat Nip Tea Bags

These were the greatest things ever. I originally bought these as a prize for Izzy and Chester after they were SO GOOD at the groomers (we get their nails trimmed at PetSmart) – and now I’ve rebought them like 3 or 4 times. The cats LOVE THEM. WOW. They rub their little angel faces against them, lick them, carry them around the house. It’s freaking cute. I will never take these away from them from now on. It brings them too much dang joy. 

5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

Number Three: Half Tunnel With Scratching Sides

This thing was an AMAZING purchase. It was like $10 at target and actually at first, I thought it was going to be a disaster because Isabel wanted to claim it and kept punching Chester in the face and hissing at him so she could have it all for herself. Eventually, they did figure out a pecking order and they can play with it together now. I love this because not only does it provide another appropriate scratching location for both cats, but it also is a good hiding location for the kitties. They like to lay underneath it and nap and stuff. It’s also cute. Basically just buy everything that will be cute. Moral of the story. 

Number Four: Covered Litter Box (for your own sanity, honestly)

If you are new to getting cats, haven’t had cats before, or are just tired of your insert-room-with-litter-box here smelling like cat poop, this one’s for YOU. I used to only have uncovered litter boxes and it was ruining my life. It smelled terrible, it was messy, my husband hated it, I hated it. Bad vibes around for ALL. Then my mom was like “dude plz just get a covered litter box nobody wants to come over to your house” or something like that and I was like WHY HAVE I BEEN LIVING THIS WAY WHEN COVERED LITTER BOXES EXIST. So I bought one of those suckers and every issue I had with uncovered litter boxes magically vanished. Do yourself a favor and just start with that. Your cats will be happier, your spouse will be happier, you will be happier. The dream. I’m living it.

5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

Number Five: Purina TIDY CATS® Free & Clean™ Unscented Clumping Litter (20lbs)

This litter has totally changed our litter GAME. It uses activated charcoal which I really feels help keep the odors in check. We have two cats, so it’s double the smells. They poop. Let’s just get that out of the way. Everybody poops. But like…I don’t wanna smell it? Ya know? Not only do I NEED a litter that controls odor, I really want a litter that doesn’t have fragrances and dyes. My sweet cats deserve better and scented litters really bother Izzy. She doesn’t like them, and it makes going to the bathroom an unenjoyable experience for her. Tidy Cats Free & Clean litter gives me odor blocking litter without all the extra stuff I don’t need. It’s clumping, absorbing and 99.9% dust free. 

5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

I bought this product at Target – aka my second home. It’s right by all of the other litters, next to the cat food. In my particular Target it’s near the front and to the right. I don’t even have to go past the dollar section where I spend all of my money always so that’s a blessing, tbh. If you pick up this product between 4/22 to 4/28, you can purchase one Tidy Cats product and get one 50% off! #winnerwinner 

5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends


5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

Cat’s are literally the greatest pet you can have (I’m not biased AT ALL). Because I work from home, I’m by myself a lot and I wouldn’t be nearly as happy without my sweet kitties. They are funny and snuggly and oh, so very sweet. I want to do everything I can to make their lives as lazy and wonderful as I possibly can. These 5 feline favorites are just a few of the ways I make sure they get to do just that. 

5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline FriendsDo you have any cats at home? What are their favorite things? Let me know in the comments below!






5 Tried & True Products YOU NEED For Your Feline Friends

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  1. Cindy | 24th Apr 18

    I love this- we’re a new cat family and I had no idea about the catnip tea bags. And you’re right about the covered litter box- I always underestimate how far they can kick the litter around.

    • Taylor Mobley | 24th Apr 18

      I LOVE THIS! Yay for new kitties! I hope this kelps you get super prepared for your sweet cats!

  2. Lauren | 24th Apr 18

    Cute post! I don’t have cats, I’m a Pomeranian Mom to a fur baby named Boo, however I will forward this post to my friend Kara who is a new kitty owner 🙂 I’m sure she will find this post useful!


    • Taylor Mobley | 24th Apr 18

      Awww what a sweet name for your pom!! I hope Kara enjoys this!

  3. Stephanie Caligiuri | 24th Apr 18

    aw love this! Your kitties are so cute!

    xo, Steph | UrbanBlonde.com

  4. Kimmie | 24th Apr 18

    Omg that outtake is hilarious!!

  5. Helen | 24th Apr 18

    LOL that last picture. Nothing is harder than cat photoshoots. I feel your pain lol.

  6. Becky / roseandbrose.com | 24th Apr 18

    This post is the CUTEST! 🙂 Your overalls are adorable too. This looks like the best possible products for cats!!

  7. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 25th Apr 18

    BAHAHA CHESTER. I love your cats.

  8. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 25th Apr 18

    That last picture has me laughing so hard. It’s difficult to get the animals to cooperate. These sound like great products, I’ll pass it along to my cat owning friends!

    • Taylor Mobley | 25th Apr 18

      Thank you for doing that!! And yes – he’s a goof ball!

  9. Deborah | 25th Apr 18

    Aww I don’t have a cat but yours is a cutie!

  10. Carla | 25th Apr 18

    As a huuuuuuge cat lover and proud cat mom, I love this post. I have a ‘cat palace’ for my kitty Princess, but I have never heard of the catnip tea bags. Those really do look like game changers! I’ll definitely look into getting some for my old kitty since I’m sure she’ll love it!

    • Taylor Mobley | 25th Apr 18

      I love cat trees. I bet your sweet kitties will love the tea bags!!

  11. Emma | 25th Apr 18

    I love this! I have a billion pictures on my phone just like that last one, haha! I love my covered litter box! I also couldn’t live without my carpet cleaner, because my poor kitty has a sensitive stomach and is prone to puking on the carpet. I have never heard of the tea bags, but I’ll need to check them out. I’m all about anything cute for y cute kitty!

    • Taylor Mobley | 25th Apr 18

      So many bloopers, right?? And I totally get it – my kitties are so sensitive. I will check out that carpet cleaner!!!

  12. Gita | 25th Apr 18

    LMAOOOOO I’m dying at your last pic. This is what happens when I try to take photos w my cat too. You should try the cat nip spray (they sell them on Amazon). Its so much better than regular catnip bc its less messy. I just spray it on his toys and he goes nuts for them.

    • Taylor Mobley | 25th Apr 18

      That’s an AWESOME idea! I will pick some up ASAP! Thanks for the tip!!

  13. Evi | 25th Apr 18

    Okay. That outtake–I am dying! I seriously going and buying those tea bags ASAP, and seriously, Tidy Cats is my favorite litter.

    • Taylor Mobley | 25th Apr 18

      Mine, too! and LOL I bet moo would LOVE the tea bag.

  14. Julia Comil | 26th Apr 18

    Your pics are so so cute!!! I am such a cat lover

  15. Annette Dattilo | 27th Apr 18

    I’m allergic to cats so I had know idea all the things they need. I can totally see how a covered litter box would need to be a must. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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