40 Unique Wedding Gifts For Spring Wedding Season

Happy TUESDAY! I hope you had an amazing start to your week and are killing it by being productive and motivated to get shiz done. In my mind, spring equates to one thing: wedding season. Every year for the last few years, springtime has signaled the start of new beginnings with some of my favorite couples and my very own wedding in April of 2016. Since all I hear are wedding bells lately, I have come up with a list of 40 unique weddings gifts for spring wedding season that will bring tears to the eyes of your favorite couple. They range in price from $20-$200+ so you are sure to find a gift that both fits your budget and your relationship to the couple themselves. Let’s dive into this.

40 Unique Wedding Gifts For Spring Wedding Season

40 Unique Wedding Gifts For Spring Wedding Season

Here are 40 unique wedding gifts that won’t break the bank but will stun your new blissfully wedded couple. There is nothing like spending time picking out something that will really mean something to them years down the road.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping for your bride and groom this year:

1 – Review the registry first.

You want to make sure first and foremost that they are going to use and enjoy the gift you buy them. If you find something amazing on the wedding registry – buy that!! You already know they want it and are excited to have it. It’s a fail proof option. The only problem is you may end up purchasing a double of something – which isn’t super ideal. So you will definitely buy something they want – but you run the risk of getting the same gift as someone else.

2 – Think about who they are as a couple.

This is important. If you know them really well, you will know what types of activities they like to do together. If they like to travel, center your gift around something travel related! If they like to hike or do outdoor activities, center your gift around that. Pick something you know they love and try to get a gift that will be beneficial to that activity.

3 – Set a budget.

You do not have to go broke for a wedding gift. Buy what you can afford. I don’t think you should ever feel bad for getting something in your price range. It isn’t about the gifts at the end of the day – it’s about the couple you are celebrating.

4 – Don’t forget to sign your name AND include a card!

I can’t tell you how many gifts we opened after our wedding that we didn’t have names for because cards fell off or got lost in the shuffle of the other cards. Make sure you sign your name ON the box or bag AND include a card. That will eliminate the awkwardness the couple will feel if the card gets lost or switched in the crazy shuffle after the wedding.


40 Unique Wedding Gifts For Spring Wedding Season

If you are looking to stand out among the sea of wedding gifts this year – these gifts are the way to go. Not only are they totally unique – they are also gifts that the couple will use for years to come.

40 Unique Wedding Gifts For Spring Wedding Season

My hubby and I just had our 2 year wedding anniversary last Monday (the 9th), and a handful of our friends are also celebrating their wedding anniversaries. In addition to all the anniversaries, I have 4 friends who are getting married over the next few weeks as well. April is the month for weddings apparently! NOW is the time to stock up on gifts that will suit each couples unique styling.

Do you have any weddings coming up that you need to buy gifts for? Let me know which of these you are adding-to-cart asap for your next big day! 

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  1. Felicity | 17th Apr 18

    Love these ideas! An Amazon Echo is such a great idea. I have one and swear by it but never thought about it for a wedding gift! Thanks for sharing!

  2. El | 17th Apr 18

    These are really great ideas. I particularly like the his and her travel tags.

  3. Kendra B. | 17th Apr 18

    I have always been intrigued by the cartoon portraits of couples/families. i need to do this for my newly engaged neice!

  4. the eye traveler | 17th Apr 18

    that’s a great list of tips! as a young professional it’s important to know what to gift that’s memorable yet budget-friendly ;p

  5. Julia Comil | 17th Apr 18

    Love these gift ideas!! Really helpful!!

  6. Kileen | 17th Apr 18

    Such a great post! I love that these ideas are so unique and all amazing!

    cute & little

  7. Deborah | 18th Apr 18

    Great ideas!! I love the idea of getting a newlywed couple a pair of robes!

  8. Kristen | 18th Apr 18

    I love these! The ornaments and the maps are my personal favorites. My boyfriend and I are from different parts of the world and now live in a third location, so one of the map gifts would be very meaningful to us!

  9. Nailil | 19th Apr 18

    These gift ideas are perfect. I wouldn’t mind buying a few for myself. 😉
    Xx, Nailil

  10. Candace | 22nd Apr 18

    One of my cousins is getting married this summer. I’m sure some of these gifts will come in handy for them. Thanks for the tips on shopping too!

  11. Stephanie Caligiuri | 24th Apr 18

    Love these suggestions! We have so many weddings to attend this year!

    xo, Steph | UrbanBlonde.com

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