36 Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

Happy #beautymonday! I’ve never really been one to paint my nails a whole late – except lately I can’t seem to stop!!! I have been painting my own nails (shocker) every week with fun spring colors and really enjoying having nails that match my outfits and actually look put together. A little bit ago, I did a post on how to fake acrylic nails at home (read it here) but during my busy wedding season, I can’t really have long fake nails. So, I have been trying to keep them painted and professional without acrylics. Enter: my favorite nail polish brands and colors I’ve been wearing all spring long! Let’s dive into this.


36 Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

I have about 5 brands that I don’t sway from very often when painting my own nails. They last a long time, they don’t chip and they have a wide variety of colors to choose from. I am slowly building up my nail polish collection, which is GREAT because before early this year, I really just had a few toe nail polish colors. Below, I broke down which brands I love and my favorite spring colors they offer: 


Why Essie is great: I love Essie. This was my first “expensive” nail polish brand (meaning more than $3 a bottle). It has a very thin formula, which means it dried quickly and the layers don’t pile on top of each other. I find that MOST colors are very opaque, which is great because the more opaque the formula, the less layers you need to use and the less chance you will chip or smudge your polish. They have a HUGE variety of colors.

Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

Which colors I LOVE for spring: Fiji, Pass Port-To-Sail, Bon Boy-Age, Perfect Mate, Go-Go Geisha, Spool Me Over, and Peak Show.


Why O.P.I. is great: O.P.I. is like one of the OG nail polish brands. My mom has had this brand forever growing up, I used to get it a lot when I’d get manicures with my grandma as a kid. I remember when I had a birthday party (or went to a birthday party? now I can’t remember) in elementary school, I got this BEAUTIFUL opal iridescent O.P.I. color. I wish I could find it today! But it’s honestly just a tried and true nail polish with endless color options and fabulous pay off. They now have their infinite shine collection which I am obsessed with.

Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

Which colors I LOVE for spring: To Be Continued, That’s Hula-rious, Got Myself Into A Jam-Balaya, The Color That Keeps On Giving, Patience Pays Off, Staying Neutral On This, Closer Than You Might Belém, Barking Up The Wrong Sequoia, Lisbon Wants Moor OPI


Why ZOYA is great: I honestly didn’t expect to love ZOYA as much as I did. They’re a newer brand to my collection but they have one of the best nail polish brushes EVER. It’s so wide and flat so you can get the whole nail in one stroke. It’s GENIUS. It’s so much better than trying to brush a million strokes on your nail before it dries. It almost eliminates the chance of streaking some colors are prone to.

Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

Which colors I LOVE for spring: Tiana, Blu, Caresse, Sawyer, Chantal, Marley, Dot, Bethany

KL Polish

Why KL Polish is great: First of all, KL Polish is owned by one of my all-time favorite youtube beauty guru Kathleen Lights! She is FABULOUS and so I am always looking to support my fellow girl bosses. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so amazing but it honestly is. I am SO impressed with the lasting power. I can get up to 9 days in this polish which is so unheard of for me.

Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

Which colors I LOVE for spring: The entire Ethereal Garden limited edition boxed set!!! Colors – Pinky, Gum Would Be Perfection, Dream Boy, Charmed, Miss Kensington, and Selene.

China Glaze

Why China Glaze is great: This is a polish I would use frequently when I would get my nails done at the salon. I only recently decided to look into it myself and see if I could purchase it outside of a salon setting. You totally can and it totally rocks. This has a nice brush too, and the colors last almost as long as KL Polish!! They have a fabulous color selection.

Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

Which colors I LOVE for spring: Crushin’ On Blue, Temptation Carnation, Rainbow, Diva Bride, Go-Go Pink, Peachy Keen, Refresh Mint, and Lemon Fizz.


Spring Nail Polish Colors To Rock For Easter

These colors are SO cute. I trust these brands so much and it just honestly takes practice when painting your own nails to get good at it. It’s taken me a long time to be able to get my left hand to look as good as my right, but now I can paint both hands no problem! A few months of constant practice really built my skill up. 

Do YOU like to paint your nails at home? What are your favorite brands and colors? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Felicity | 26th Mar 18

    Essie’s Fiji is one of my go-to colours year round. The colour is just so gorgeous! Also loving the mint from China Glaze.

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com

  2. Lily | 26th Mar 18

    Okay, I don’t own ANY of these shades — that has to change ASAP!

  3. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 26th Mar 18

    I like the coral colored ones – “Got myself into a Jam” is super pretty!

  4. Helen | 26th Mar 18

    I love all these colors for spring! I’m all about blush tones and white.

  5. kiara | 26th Mar 18

    I’m all about the soft, light pink shades for spring and summer. Honestly, I have the same color hues for almost a year because I love how much I enjoyed the pink on me!

  6. Alix Maza | 26th Mar 18

    Ohh all of these are beautiful! Love the Essie shades.

  7. Megan Elliott | 26th Mar 18

    These colors are so amazing!! Essie is always my favorite.

  8. Brigette Collins | 26th Mar 18

    I am in love with so many of these shades! Fiji, Go Go Geisha and That’s Hula-rious are my faves from this list! OPI is one of my favorite brands!

  9. Kileen | 26th Mar 18

    These are all such cute shades for Spring! I’m a nude polish type of girl, love the color FIJI!

    cute & little

  10. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 27th Mar 18

    So yeah, can I have ’em all? ALL SO PRETTY!!

  11. Deborah | 27th Mar 18

    Ahh these are all such pretty shades! I love the pretty pastel pinks!

  12. Courtney | 27th Mar 18

    I am so impressed by your blog. Every time I get on your posts I have a dropped jaw the whole time. I love these colors and I love following you! Thanks for sharing your fashion ideas with us!

  13. Delia | 27th Mar 18

    Omgeeee! Love love love!!! Love all the neutrals and pastels!

  14. Nicole | 27th Mar 18

    I’m a total Sally Hansen fast dry polish lover! Bam, paint and nails are dry so dang fast!! Love the inspiration babe, now I need to go paint my nails too!!

  15. Whit | 27th Mar 18

    I love all these Spring Colors! I am an OPI girl!


  16. Denise Kokinis | 28th Mar 18


    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  17. Nataly | 30th Mar 18

    Essie has to be my favorite brand for nail polish! So many good colors here!

  18. Suzanne | 30th Mar 18

    These are all such great shades! I love anything pastel right now!

  19. Mariam | 1st Apr 18

    Seriously loving all these colors, especially the pastels! Very pretty 🙂

  20. Bryanna | 10th Apr 18

    Oh my goodness, the fact that you included KL Polish makes me so happy! Kathleen Lights is the greatest, and her nail polish line it so good. I’m dying to get my hands on the spring collection. Caramello is my all-time favorite color.

    xoxo Bryanna

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