3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Happy #fashionwednesday! I love Thanksgiving. We spend this particular holiday with Adam’s family every year. I love them so much and this year we get to spend a whole week in Louisiana! We are so so excited. In prep for Thanksgiving, I’ve been shopping around Target’s “A New Day” line and have promptly become obsessed with it. There isn’t a piece I’ve tried on that I haven’t loved. This outfit is SO cozy and the best part? It hides my food baby that I KNOW is coming. I’m making room for pumpkin pie. So much pumpkin pie. Let’s jump into these 3 Thanksgiving Day outfits!

3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

OUTFIT #1: Orange cowl-neck sweater and taupe booties

This look is the outfit featured in today’s post! This sweater is SO comfortable that I have almost bought it in several other colors and am still considering it. The sweater itself is SO SOFT and the cowl neck is SO cozy. How many times can I capitalize SO in this blog post? We are at 4 right now. The first sweater in the “shop this sweater” section below is the EXACT sweater I am wearing in this post!

3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits


The taupe booties are from Express, and they have lasted almost 4 years and still look brand new! I am kind of obsessed with them. There are so many awesome options for taupe booties. Shop my favorite boots here:


3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

OUTFIT #2: Grey cardigan, black turtleneck and pom pom sneakers

I won’t be donning this outfit — only because it’s going to be warmer and this will be a tiny bit too hot for Louisiana. HOWEVER for my more northern readers, this outfit is fabulous. A cozy cardigan with a simple black turtleneck is the perfect look for everyone. It flatters all body types and shapes and will ALSO hide your food baby. #realtalk



3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Pom pom sneakers are the best because they are super chic and unique. I ALWAYS get compliments on them — literally every time I’m out. They SO comfortable and really switch up my every day sneakers. 


3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

OUTFIT #3: Green v-neck, cream faux fur vest and tall brown boots

This is what I wore last year! It was PERFECT. I love this green v-neck, it’s the perfect forest green so it matches the holiday season. It’s also super soft and isn’t skin tight, again, because of pie. The faux fur vest just adds a little extra something to the look so it isn’t so plain and also I just like the way it feels.



3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Tall boots are basically the only reason fall exists. You can never have too many good pairs of tall brown boots. They are comfortable, practical and warm for those chilly fall and winter nights. These are all really good quality boots so you know they’ll last a long time.


I hope you have the best Thanksgiving planned and that you get to be with your family and friends. Holiday’s should be spent with the people you love the most — especially when that holiday is about giving thanks and everything you are grateful for throughout the year. 

3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Ps. Have you been keeping up with my Thankfulness Challenge? It’s totally cool to start halfway through — there’s never a wrong time to do a 30 day thankfulness challenge. Get the challenge HERE.

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  1. Beth | 15th Nov 17

    Taylor, I love your sweater. It looks so warm and cozy. Your makeup looks great with it!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  2. Victoria | 15th Nov 17

    Love your sweater it looks nice and cozy.

  3. cara | 15th Nov 17

    Such a beautiful color on you! That sweater looks so cozy and is perfect for thanksgiving day!

  4. Krystin | 15th Nov 17

    This is a gorgeous look! I love the colour of your sweater, it looks so good on you!

  5. Alix Maza | 15th Nov 17

    That is the cutest sweater! The perfect color and it looks like it would hide my Thanksgiving food baby.

  6. Lily | 15th Nov 17

    I love this sweater on you — the perfect color for fall and it looks so cozy.
    I also like the olive/vest one, super cute!!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  7. Sam | 15th Nov 17

    Love everything about this! That lipstick is killer!

  8. Joy | 15th Nov 17

    Super cute! I always get chicken about wearing red-toned anything (I’ve always felt like it clashes with my skin tone) but you’re making me want to try it! I literally never even try red colors on in the store. Also, I mean this completely as a compliment, but you have very similar facial features of Taylor Swift. She is so lovely, and so are you! 🙂

  9. Kristen Jones | 15th Nov 17

    LOVEEE your sweater!! Your makeup looks stunning (as always), too! I need a sweater like this!

  10. Vivian Bishop | 15th Nov 17

    Girl, your makeup is on point and these outfits are adorable! I’m still figuring out my Thanksgiving outfit – being pregnant I have limited options, so I may need to take a shopping trip this weekend!

  11. Summer @ Coffee With Summer | 15th Nov 17

    Love that first sweater – so cozy!

  12. Jenny | 15th Nov 17

    I’m loving that sweater! So cute and cozy.

  13. Emilie | 15th Nov 17

    I LOVE Target and I LOVE cozy warm sweaters! Fantastic choices 🙂

  14. lauren | 15th Nov 17

    That sweater looks so cozy! I love the color, and though it’s not a color I would pick for myself I might search it out next time. Those booties are so cute, I love when shoes last!

  15. adriana | 15th Nov 17

    That first sweater is gorgeous on you! I love the color, so pretty!

  16. Amanda Kruse | 16th Nov 17

    That orange sweater is so perfect for Thanksgiving! I love the lip color you are wearing!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  17. Amanda Rinehart | 16th Nov 17

    OMG the leaves in these photos! And all the fall lovers rejoiced! Also super cute sweater.

  18. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 16th Nov 17

    Uh yeah I’m sorry why are you so gorgeous???? OBSESSED.

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