10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

Happy TUESDAY! If you’ve been following along with my instagram – you’ll know that I’m in Charleston right now having the time of my life with my mama, Erica and her mama! It’s a mother-daughter trip that is much needed. I’m traveling SO MUCH all the way through the end of September, so I am constantly packing, unpacking, and repacking every time I get home and quite a few of my trips I’m bringing dozens of outfits (hello, NYFW) so I have become a packing FIEND. And I don’t mean just packing the right stuff. I mean packing the right WAY. There is definitely a trick to making sure you pack everything you need to and making sure it all fits in your bag. There is literally nothing worse than getting all of your clothes together and realizing there is no way it’s going to fit in your bag. Luckily, I have figured out how to get a full 10 days worth of clothing into my carryon bag (so think about how much I’m going to fit in the checked bag) + SHOES. So, now that I’ve hyped myself way up, I’m going to show you my 10 favorite packing hacks that will change the way you travel. Let’s do this.

10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

One: Pack your clothes the right way (aka: rolled). 

For those of you who aren’t on the band wagon yet – hop on ASAP. This is the best because not only do you save LOADS of space – it also minimizes the amount of wrinkles you have to endure when it comes to unpacking and actually wearing your clothing. #bless Simply fold your shirts and pants in half, tuck in the sleeves if required and then tightly roll it’s so much easier to pack and saves a ton of space in your luggage!

Two: Use space saver bags to put your clothing in sections.

ENTER: PACKING CUBES. Ok. So. I ignored the comments from those of you who repeatedly told me “buy packing cubes” because I was 100% convinced it was a gimmick. HOWEVER. I was proven absolutely wrong this past weekend when I broke down, bought size cubes in assorted items and packed my bags. I will never not use cubes again and if you think I haven’t already added a dozen of them to my Amazon cart you’d be wrong. Very, very wrong. Run – don’t walk – to your nearest Target or Amazon prime account to order some for yourself. 

I decided to use them by packing outfits together so that I could easily put out and put away full outfits without wrecking the rest of my suitcase. Because that’s the problem right? You go to pull out a shirt and six others come with it and then you don’t fold them because you’re trying to get ready for whatever you have planned on vacation and by the end of the week, your clothes are everywhere and you have NO IDEA what the heck is what or which pants you put with which top. #longesetrunonsentenceever. Packing outfits into their separate cubes means you just need to pull out the right cube to get dresses. THIS PROBLEM IS TOTALLY ELIMINATED. #SCORE.

Three: Use an empty sunglasses case to store your cords.

This is also genius. Tightly wrap your computer, camera and cell phone cords and place them neatly into a sunglasses case. No more rustling through your bags to get to that one cord you need that is the same color as every other cord you don’t need. It’s easy, neat and doesn’t get lost in the bottom of your bag when you need it.

Four: Plastic wrap the tops of your liquids so you prevent any spills (and heartache).

I’ve been doing this for years. And yes – it totally works. Just cut tiny squares of plastic wrap (the material from ziplock baggies also works) and place on the top of an open container of whatever liquid you want to seal, and then tighten the cap around it. Spills no more!

Five: Use straws to keep your necklaces from tangling.

I like to use paper straws because they don’t bend as easily, which is great. Just thread the chain of your necklace through the straw and clasp at the other end. Now, neatly place your necklaces in an empty makeup bag or ziplock baggie to store them. This is a god send because there is no spending 4 hours untangling stuff when you get to your destination.

10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

Six: Pack a small bag of dryer sheets to keep your clothes smelling FRESH AF upon arrival.

I like to grab my handy dandy ziplock bag and back 2-3 dryer sheets. I place one free-floating in the suitcase and then use the other one or two on the way home. It keeps my bag smelling fresh and I don’t have to worry about my clothes smelling weird from being in the underbelly of an airplane.

Seven: Invest in a wrinkle release spray incase you don’t have access to an iron.

This is a MUST. Lots of times, I’ve gotten to locations and realized there isn’t an iron. And my clothes are wrinkled. And then I look like a total fool. So, think ahead and back a wrinkle release spray. It’s super easy – just spray your clothes until they are damp and then lay flat. It works super quickly and while it isn’t quite as crisp as an iron, it’s WAY better than nothing.

Eight: Use buttons for earrings!!

This is a hack that I keep forgetting to use as often as I should. I love this because often times I lose my smaller earrings on trips because they fall out of my bag or I forget which purse I’ve stuffed them in. It’s so much easier to just give them their own button and then put them in a little baggie in your suitcase. I like to color coordinate my buttons to my earrings, too, so I can grab and go.

Nine: Keep a packing list handy at all times to make sure you do not forget anything.

Check out my ultimate packing list HERE if you haven’t already because it’s SUPER helpful when it comes to making sure you do not forget a single thing. There is nothing I hate more than getting to my destination and…..I’ve forgotten my extra bras and underwear. #fail 

Ten: Place your shoes in a shower cap to keep them from getting your clothes dirty.

This is GENIUS. I get a shower cap per shoe pair and then slide them into the cap to keep the soles from getting my clothes dusty or dirty! It doesn’t really take up any more space, which is perfect, but it does keep your clothes clean. So. #winnerwinner.

10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

I have become pretty much a PRO at packing bags efficiently because of how much I travel – and these are the BEST hacks I’ve been able to round up. I am constantly adding to this list so be sure to save it and check back to see what else I add over the next few months.

Do you have a favorite travel hack?! What helps keep you organized when you travel? Let me know in the comments below!

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