10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! I am on my last day in New York (I come home tonight) and while I am so bummed to be leaving my favorite city, I am beyond ready to get back to my new house, my hubby and my sweet kitties. I’ve had the BEST time (hopefully you followed along on my instastories) and will be recapping the trip later this week so stay tuned. Today, in honor of being here in NYC for Fashion Week, I thought we’d discuss some fashion habits the leading ladies in fashion have in their repertoire during the day!! I have been watching the runways and the streets of New York (because hello every fashion blogger in the United States) to bring you the best tips I can so you can slay your every day life. Let’s do this.

10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

ONE: Plan your outfit out the night before.

It’s SO important to plan out your outfit the night before for big events – but it’s even smart to do for every day as well. I like to do this for a few reasons. One – you don’t have to worry about it in the morning. Two – it makes getting ready super easy and stress-free. Three – It keeps your room from looking like an actual tornado flew through it before work. #whoops #guilty

TWO: Look at the world around you for inspiration.

I pull inspiration from EVERYWHERE. From my office, to my makeup, to the plants outside, to the women I follow on instagram. There are dozens of places to get fashion Inspo from – the list is literally endless. Try changing up your makeup game when you need to get outside the box – I fully believe that makeup goes right along with fashion when it comes to looking totally put together, so you don’t have to feel like you need a new pair of shoes every time you want to switch things up – try going for a bold lip instead!

THREE: Buy pieces that age well.

This means timeless and classic pieces. I’m talking a good quality jean jacket, a solid white blouse, denim that is worth every penny for how they make your butt look. Sometimes you have to spend a little more. This may mean you skip on some of the trendier pieces during the year if you are on a budget, but I promise you’ll be glad you splurged on the important items in your wardrobe. There is nothing worse than continuing to wear an item of clothing that is WAY past it’s prime, either because it just didn’t hold up well quality wise (I’m talking to you, jeans-that-now-bag-at-my-knees) OR because they were a fleeting fad that has now since faded away. Do a sweep every three to six months through your closet to make sure that you aren’t housing any items that need to be tossed or donated.

FOUR: Always dress for the occasion.

I always think it’s better to overdress than underdress. If you aren’t sure of the attire for an event, go with a little black dress and booties or simple heels. That way, whether people are in jeans or dresses, you will fall somewhere right in the middle and nobody will give it a second thought. Never show up to classes in college in sweatpants – always get a little dressed up for your education (even if you are just rocking the athleisure trend – it’s still better than your pjs). Coco Chanel once said, “always dress like your either going to meet the love of your life or your worst enemy” and I like to do my best to live by that.

FIVE: Realize that your size isn’t an inflexible number.

This has been a big one for me recently. I’ve gone up a size in my jeans, and I was really struggling with that. I still like the way I look in the mirror, but my size wasn’t reflecting what I thought I should be. It took me a while to realize that by squeezing into those too-tight jeans, I was making my body look WORSE. When I finally sized up, my denim hugged my curves in the right way, didn’t make me feel like I was going to suffocate every time I sat down and altogether felt better on my body. Size isn’t inflexible. It shifts and changes based on a million factors. As long as you are doing your best to be healthy, you can give yourself some grace.

10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

SIX: Think outside the box when it comes to your style.

Have you ever been SUPER stuck in the rut that is your style? I dressed the exact same all through middle and high school (cringe) and even in college, no matter how hard I tried there were always styles I just naturally gravitated towards. The funny thing was – these weren’t styles that necessarily looked the best on me. They were just comfortable. I didn’t have to think about them. But fashion and style should be thought about. It’s not always comfortable. Sometimes you have to step outside of that comfort zone to find the clothes that make you feel your best.

SEVEN: Dress for YOU not for anyone else (or current trends if you don’t like them).

Sometimes current trends don’t speak to us. And that is TOTALLY ok. Skip ’em! Just because everyone and their mother are jumping on the bandwagon, doesn’t mean you have to. Find the styles you love and that make you feel amazing and ROCK them. Forget what anyone else says and try to figure out exactly what gives you the most confidence.

EIGHT: Master the half tuck.

This is a game changer for MOST outfits. I would say I use the half tuck prooooobably 3-4 times a week. It’s a simple trick to make all of your clothes look better. Simply grab the front part of your top that lines up with the button on your jeans (or where one would be if you’ve got leggings on) and “tuck” that little front piece of fabric right into your pants at the button seam there. It’s so crazy how much it elevates at outfit….but it does. Don’t believe me? How’s this for proof:

NINE: Become a queen at pattern mixing.

Pattern mixing is an art form. Not all patterns were created equal BUT most patterns were created to be mixed and matched and complimented. I love mixing stripes and polka dots, and leopard print with literally everything. Don’t be scared of trying out different mixes of patterns to see what works and what doesn’t for you. This lines right up with thinking outside the box when it comes to your style!

TEN: Stop being scared of “dry clean or hand wash only” items of clothing.

Unfortunately, 90% of women’s clothing these days are DRY CLEAN OR HANDWASH ONLY. It’s very annoying, and makes it near impossible to shop if you are trying to avoid it. So my advice is to stop avoiding it. Buy the clothes you love, and then be careful to keep them clean. Dry cleaners are super expensive and a lot of times, your washer will actually have a hand wash setting. Invest in a cheap little drying rack for your laundry room to keep your clothes flat while they dry and stop worrying about it.

10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now


10 Fashion Habits To Start Developing Now

I hope this was helpful for you when it comes to mastering fashion hacks that will help you look your best every day. Even if it’s just one tip that resonates with you – you can elevate your wardrobe and your style! 

What are your tried-and-true fashion tips? Anything I forgot to mention here? Let me know in the comments below!

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