10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

Happy #fashionwednesday! We talk a LOT about trending pieces here on B&A. From boho sleeves, to bell-bottom jeans, to overalls (although I will always make the claim that overalls are actually a wardrobe essential), to gingham shoes, we cover a TON of one-season only items. Which, while that may be awesome and fun, is also not super practical when it comes to essential pieces of clothing you NEED to last for years to come.

As I was going through my closet spring cleaning my day away, I realized that I had so many items that have TRULY stood the test of time when it came to quality. I love taking advantage of sales and super awesome deals when I can, but there are some clothing pieces that you really can’t skimp on when it comes to quality. If you are slowly building your closet up with essential pieces that will be just as timeless now as they are in the next decade, you NEED this guide. I am sharing with you my TEN best pieces AND where you can shop them for yourself. READ ON to get 10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year.

10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

A good solid pair of jeans

Jeans are items of clothing that people think they can get away with buying cheap. And until I actually bought a pair of pricier jeans and realized how incredibly they fit my body and wore throughout the day, I felt the same way. That’s the issue. I ALWAYS was on the side of “You don’t need $200 jeans. You just literally don’t” but I promise you, your American Eagle jeans are doing your butt a disservice. A GOOD pair of jeans won’t lose it’s shape during the day (lookin’ at you, AE), won’t bag at my waist or hips, won’t wrinkle in the wash over time and it’s definitely won’t fade after 6 months. Invest in two or three washes of GOOD jeans and then love them forever.

A leather jacket

This is a piece that will never, ever go out of style. It’s beautiful, it’s timeless, it’s layer-able. They look amazing over a sundress in the summer, a floral top in the spring, a sweater in the fall, a cozy dress in the winter. Basically, leather jackets can be worn all year round. A good jacket will last you well over a decade and the jacket styles just aren’t changing so drastically that you need to be constantly purchasing new jackets.

10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year


Little black dresses are the secret weapon of the closet world. You will reach for this dress time and time again. For weddings, for date night, for church, for funerals, for GNOs, for graduations…literally LBDs are perfect for every occasion. When you have 2 or 3 little black dresses in your wardrobe, you will ALWAYS have a good dress or any occasion. You will never have to worry about not having something cute or fancy to wear that doesn’t match the dress code. There just honestly isn’t any situation in which you could not wear a LBD and get away with it.

Tall brown boots

These are some of my most loved shoes in the closet. Since I was 15 years old, I have only gone through 2 pairs of tall brown boots. I had my first pair from 15-21 and they only had to go by the wayside because I ran their sole to the ground and I didn’t have a shoe repair place near me in Idaho. If I had gotten those shoes resoled, I would have probably been able to wear them another 6 years. They looked amazing. You can wear them all year long and they truly stand the test of time. 

10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

A good white blouse

This is underrated, I think. I don’t think I realize understood how valuable a good, white blouse was until recently. You can dress it down with jeans, dress it up with a pencil skirt, top it with a jean jacket or leather jacket. It’s so easy to wear and it’s the perfect go-to interview or office look. I recommend silk for the fabric because it’s durable, breathable, comfortable and classic.

Solid black pumps

This is right up there with the little black dress points. Classy, beautiful, you can ALWAYS throw them with an outfit to dress it up. If you pair it with a dress, you look perfectly polished and put together and when you put them with jeans, you look sexy and edgy. You can always rock a black pump and you instantly look like you are ready to take on the streets of Manhattan.

10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

Simple pair of flats

These are ALWAYS a good idea. I pack my nude flats on every vacation, every business trip, every just-for-fun girl weekend. They are so comfortable, while still looking stylish. They have a pointed toe so they’re classy and look fabulous with a skirt as well as pants. They’re a neutral color so they match just about every outfit you can dream of as they’re so small and easy to fit in my bag if I need to bring them to change into ever.

A good jean jacket

I have talked about jean jackets a TON on my site before. I really believe in a good denim jacket. For all the same reasons as the leather jacket, you can layer it, you can dress it up, you can dress it down, it can be worn all year long. A good jean jacket will last you your entire life. I have had one jean jacket for 10 years and it doesn’t even look worn. It looks brand new, as if I just bought it today. GUYS. I WEAR IT ALL THE TIME. I wear my jacket minimum once  week and often more when I need a layering piece. #jacketgoals

10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

Tan ankle boots

I feel strongly that everyone needs a good tan/taupe pair of booties. They are extremely versatile, they match many, many outfits and they should be SUPER comfortable. I have 3 pairs of tan/taupe booties in various styles but these lace up ones are my go-to at the moment. The key here is to find your perfect nude shade. You want it to match your skin really so that it is essentially an extension of your legs. They aren’t meant to stand out – but more so just elongate and accentuate your outfit. They’re a perfect addition to any closet.

A good pair of black jeans

These are also underrated. A good distressed pair of black denim is a rare gem to find. It’s hard for me to find high quality, distressed black denim. I want them to hug my curves (what little there are LOL), cling to my waist and obviously hold it’s shape. The SAME criteria that we stated in the blue jean step up stop – we want down here, too.


10 Basic Pieces Your Closet NEEDS This Year

Odds are, these are items you really will use all the time. They layer over outfits, they match everything, they can dress up or dress down and they will NEVER go out of style. You will never not need a great pair of jeans. You will never not need a classic white blouse. You will NEVER EVER not need a standard pair of nude flats. You just won’t. Money won’t be wasted because if you use my handy cost per wear rule, you will see just how much you are actually spending every time you wear that item (and with items like this, its negative pennies pretty much).

Taylor’s Cost Per Wear Calculator



I love using this calculator when I need to justify to myself a pricier time. This only works if it’s something I’ll wear OFTEN, so I know that if it makes sense this way to buy it, it will be a good choice.

Do you have some ride or die timeless pieces you can’t bear to part with? Let me know which ones they are in the comments below!

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  1. Lily | 11th Apr 18

    Totally agree with all of this! I always reach for a simple flat and white blouse if I can’t figure out what to wear.

  2. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 11th Apr 18

    I love all 10 of these pieces! I have most of them except the tall brown boots, I haven’t found a pair that I love yet!

  3. Rose | 11th Apr 18

    Target Denizen jeans are really cheap and pretty good quality for people who can’t afford stuff like American Eagle.

    Nice post getting back to the basics!

  4. Sharon Wu | 11th Apr 18

    a good white blouse is certainly a staple in my wardrobe year round. great picks darling!

  5. Alix Maza | 11th Apr 18

    A go-to outfit of mine is a white blouse, jeans and diamond studs or pearls!

  6. Katie | 11th Apr 18

    I could not agree more! These are all must haves! I am in need of a leather jacket to add to my wardrobe!

  7. Helen | 11th Apr 18

    These are great choices! I love my leather jacket and I ALWAYS have a good pair of black pumps.

  8. Gita | 11th Apr 18

    Such good tips, esp with the jean jacket. They definitely go with everything. And I also love that your kitty is making an appearance on this blog!

  9. Jess | 11th Apr 18

    These are all such great things to keep in mind when shopping. I feel like I need to add a little more to my basic, classic pieces. I think I have that same jean jacket and it is so great!

  10. Kileen | 11th Apr 18

    Totally agree with these!! Definitely a pair of solid black pumps and a leather jacket!

    cute & little

  11. Becky / roseandbrose.com | 12th Apr 18

    Yaaaas to the frye boots and the jean jacket! 🙂 How CUTE are you!! 🙂 Also, I need new jeans so this is so so helpful 🙂

  12. Talisa | 12th Apr 18

    What denim brands do you love most? I’ve recently given a new brand a go (NYDJ – Not your daughters jeans) and although they’re a tad pricey ($110 and up), the quality is BEAUTIFUL and the denim is buttery soft and comfy. I’m not sure if I may be in a hurry to go back to my usual Levi’s 😅

  13. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 12th Apr 18

    AMEN to all of the above! And looooooooooving your jean jacket – I want it!

  14. Katherine | 12th Apr 18

    I cannot live without good jeans!

  15. Deborah | 12th Apr 18

    Yes to all of these! I am please to report I have everything on this list :]

  16. Amanda | 12th Apr 18

    Great suggestions! I need to update my wardrobe with some of these!

  17. the eye traveler | 13th Apr 18

    oh yas! these are very versatile pieces. I love my leather jacket, it goes with everything outfit I put together <3

  18. Kyla | 13th Apr 18

    First of all, your cat is the cutest! I agree with a bunch of your picks! Classic black pumps is next on my list!

  19. Tania Cascilla | 20th Apr 18

    Loving all your selections, couldn’t agree more! Reminds me I need a good denim jacket for spring

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