Happy #SPOOKYMONDAY! I am coming atcha live with a super fun look – it’s a comic book twist on my flapper girl from last year and a zombie version of my pop art girl from 2016! That was a more classic approach to the 1920’s era – and this year, I’m jumping into the world of pop art zombies. This is one of my favorite trends that pops up around Halloween – and I thought it was time I gave it a go! This look typically entails bright neon colors as the base, with neon colors as the details. It’s not usually anatomically correct, it’s definitely more “comic book” than realistic, which is part of what makes it so fun in my opinion. 

RECOMMENDED COSTUME: A 1920’s era flapper dress, a glitter headband, elbow gloves, a strand of pearls and this wholesale halloween costume flapper girl wig!

12 Creative Couple Costumes For Halloween

Happy almost-Halloween, friends! Now, if you are like me, this will serve more for next Halloween because you’ve already had your costume picked out since November 1st of last year. #whoops #sorrynotsorry BUT if you are a last minute Lucy – and need some KILLER couple Halloween costumes to win yourself an awesome costume contest or just impress trick-or-treaters. These are all fun and pretty creative, so the chances that you’ll run into another one of these at your Halloween party is slim. Let’s dive into this!


Happy THURSDAY, everyone!!! It’s time for another Halloween tutorial – and this is honestly probably the easiest one you’ll do yet! This tutorial is literally only 6 minutes long because you don’t need a ton of time to put this together. If you are a creative type, and are looking for a way to showcase this on Halloween this year – look no further than the Painter’s Canvas tutorial. Everyone knows a makeup artist’s canvas is her face, so we took it a step further. On one half, you’ll see the blank canvas. On the other half, you’ll see the abstract work of art!

RECOMMENDED COSTUME: Black turtle neck, black beret, and a painted palette! You can find all of this for under $20 on Amazon.

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