Blue & Green Glitter Liner Tutorial

Happy #BEAUTYMONDAY! It’s Day 29 of the #100daysofmakeup challenge (be sure to check it out here if you haven’t already). The rundown: for 100 days, I post new makeup looks that the every-day girl can recreate. It’s the SECOND year of this challenge and it’s my favorite part of the year, hands down. Today, we are doing a reverse crease shadow look with blue & green and a KILLER glitter liner. It reminds me of an ethereal mermaid and I am OBSESSED. I’ve been digging the glitter liner look (check out my pink one here) and it looks good in SO many colors. This glitter liner was created with loose glitter vs glitter liner from a tube – so the application is definitely a little bit messier but the end result is really worth it. Watch the full tutorial + get a list of products below.

How To Spend 24 Hours In Nashville, TN

Happy FRI-YAY, y’all!! I’m pretty stoked because today’s post is one of my favorite blog posts to DATE. I just got home from my fabulous mother-daughter adventure and I am feeling SO BLESSED as a daughter! We kicked off our week in Nashville, TN and spent a VERY full 24 hours hanging out in the Country Music Capital of America. There is SO much to do and so many good restaurants to enjoy. SO. If you are looking for the speediest run-down of how to catch all the must-do spots in Nashville – I’ve got you. Let’s dive into this.

Back To School Makeup Tutorial | For My Girls With GLASSES!

Happy THURSDAY and Day 25 of my #100daysofmakeup challenge! In case you haven’t been following around for the last 25 days, CLICK HERE to see all of the looks this year! I’m also running a fun giveaway at 6pm tonight in celebration of being a quarter of the way through the 100 days challenge! Huzzah! You can win a whole bunch of goodies – be sure to head over to my instagram HERE and turn on post notifications so you can enter as soon as it goes live. 🙂 TODAY however – we are going to be diving into the easiest back to school makeup look for my ladies still in school! This is ESPECIALLY fabulous for those of you who wear glasses because your eyes won’t get lost behind the lenses. AND. Because this is a back to school tutorial – all of these products are one of my favorite drugstore brand: Neutrogena! Let’s dive into this.

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