Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

It’s #fashionwednesday, and my husband and I are laying out at the beach in the Dominican Republic! I have my intern Megin (learn all about her here) taking care of things on the Blonde & Ambitious home front and she’s awesome, so don’t worry, all my posts will STILL be going out this week. <3 Today’s post is all about my vacation fashion must-haves, similar to my vacation beauty must-haves (read that post here). Think of this as an inside look into my carry-on bag so you can plan your outfits for your next vacay! 

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves


Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

I opt for anything floral, with tassels and bright colors. I have pretty dresses I’m bringing along and they are totally gorgeous!! They will be perfect for dinner at the resort when we have to dress up. I’m also bringing a pair of modest shorts and a floral ruffle top for when we go on excursions and explore the resort.

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves


Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

I’m bringing along these three swimsuits. The RadSwim suit is my favorite — the gold sequins and floral bottoms are SO cute. It looks absolutely gorgeous on. My pink suit and neon & striped suit are both from Victoria Secret, and they fit like a glove!!  I always wear one-pieces or tankinis, so it can be really hard to find swim suits that are flattering and fashionable. These make me feel pretty and modest!

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves


Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

You will need some good shoes, not just cute shoes. I am bringing my Born sandals. They are leather and super comfortable. They’ll be perfect for walking around during our excursions. I am also bringing some cheap flip flops for when we are going to the pool or beach. I am also bringing a pair of nude strappy heels for dinner at the restaurant in the resort. You don’t need any more than that!

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves


Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

I am bringing some of my favorite jewelry brands. These bracelets are gorgeous on, and the girl who makes them is SO sweet. They will go perfectly with my excursion outfits. I also love this turquoise tassel necklace — it is SO fabulous for international beach vacations! These fun earrings pair fabulously with my above mentioned outfits and are so bright for summer vacation! I partnered with some fabulous jewelry brands: Cadorah & Hole In Her Stocking. They have unique styles and stunning pieces. I am constantly inspired by the girl bosses all around me!! To see more how I style these pieces (and MORE pieces by these shops!), be sure to follow along with my Instagram this week! 


Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

 The business is named after my children, Caden and Decorah, whose Mother’s Day gift helped me realize my calling. Cadorah first introduced our handmade jewelry through Etsy and trunk shows.  We expanded into boutique clothing a year later and so began our mission to be an eye for style that inspires women to feel confident and beautiful.  That is my hope for, and gift to you!

Hole In Her Stocking 

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

This little shop is full of fun pieces. I love the continuous strand of beads and how dainty it looks and feels on my arm. I love arm parties, and this makes it SO easy. Her boutique is on Etsy, and she is just a DOLL to work with. You are guaranteed to love whatever you buy.

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

Vacation Fashion Must-Haves


I am  SO SO SO excited to be on this vacation with my husband. I believe that traveling is truly good for your soul. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures from my trip to the Dominican Republic! They should be fabulous. 


Vacation Fashion Must-Haves

Enjoy the rest of your week and drop a comment below about where your favorite vacation has been!

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  1. Alexandria | 14th Jun 17

    These are so cute!! I love the shoes!

  2. Dominique | 14th Jun 17

    I LOVE that hot pink bathing suit! What a fantastic summer colour! Must be gorgeous on your skin tone.

  3. Ruthie | 14th Jun 17

    I love your picks!! SO fun!!

  4. Nicole Green | 14th Jun 17

    So many great pieces for vacation! Love the suits you packed!

  5. Katherine | 14th Jun 17

    Saw your instagrams earlier, and I love these vibes! Those one pieces are so cute. I hope you have an amazing time in the DR and can’t wait to see pics!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jun 17

      I am currently editing our vlog now. SO STOKED!!

  6. cara | 14th Jun 17

    I love that bathing suit! So adorable!!

  7. Ro | 14th Jun 17

    I love this post and those shoes!!! My husband and I are planning an anniversary vacation soon and these suggestions are really helpful as we plan!

  8. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 14th Jun 17

    I love dressing up for vacation! I always feel like it’s the time when we take the most pictures so I’m going to put the most effort in. We went to Virginia Memorial Day weekend and visited some wineries and I had a maxi dress I loved that I wore!

  9. Krysten | 14th Jun 17

    Thanks for the tips Taylor! I’m going on a cruise in November and these will be helpful!

  10. ShootingStarsMag | 14th Jun 17

    Very cute items! I only have the one bathing suit, but they tend to be too expensive to get more than one though it would be nice! I hope you’re having a great time.

  11. justine | 14th Jun 17

    dresses on vacation are a MUST. its so easy — one piece of clothing and all you need are shoes and accessories to go with it!? like, how much easier can you get? don’t forget the sun screen!!!!

  12. Whitney | 15th Jun 17

    I adore that maxi dress and those earrings. I usually wear studs. I need to get some like these, so I can switch it up!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jun 17

      They are SO fun. I used to exclusively wear studs, but recently I’ve been branching out!

  13. Jamie @ The Skinny Soul | 15th Jun 17

    You always have the most lovely photos! Born shoes are my go-to for shoes that I will be walking/standing in for hours. As a teacher, they were the ONLY shoes I would put on my feet for the whole day. But oh my gosh those Meronas are gorgeous 🙂

  14. Alexa @ Millennial Empire Builders | 15th Jun 17

    Loving the summery and beachy colors… Not always a fan of super florals but loving your picks!

  15. Lacey | 15th Jun 17

    Those floral sunglasses are a MUST! And the tassel earrings!



  16. adriana | 15th Jun 17

    I love your picks! Those sunnies and your bathing suit are both soo adorable! I can’t wait for vacation either!

  17. Beth | 15th Jun 17

    Your picks are gorgeous!! Love them all, especially the shoes 🙂

    Beth ||

  18. Alexis | 16th Jun 17

    These picks are so perfect for a vacation! I’m loving those bracelets!

  19. courtney | 19th Jun 17

    SO many fun fashion pieces! I truly think that any tropical vacation calls for all of the florals, rompers, maxi dresses and fun bright jewellery.

  20. | 13th Jul 17

    Items like these will cut down on just how much you have to pack, making room for those kitschy souvenirs you know you don’t need, but definitely want.

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