Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Happy #beautymonday!! I am super excited because my hubby and I leave tonight to go to the Dominican Republic for the week (YAYYY) and I could not be more thrilled. We can’t wait to lay out in the sun and enjoy our time on the beach (who doesn’t?!). Today’s post is showing you what’s in my makeup bag on beach vacations. Typically, you don’t wear a ton of makeup on vacations, for obvious reasons, but some of us still like to glam it up a little bit because #extra. Ok let’s dive into my vacation beauty must-haves!

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Pur~Lisse BB Cream

This is my dream BB cream. It is SO light, and has a barely-there look and feel, which is perfect for the beach. I like to even out my skin tone just a little bit because I am splotchy, and I do have minor acne scarring that I like to cover a little bit. The second best thing about this BB cream is that it has SPF 30 already built into it, which means I don’t have to put additional greasy sunscreen on my face. Say goodbye to sunscreen zits (that is a serious thing).

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Tarte Shape Tape

This would be more to touch up my face at the end of the day for dinner out, rather than wearing on the beach. It is also the bomb for covering up sunscreen on your face if you happen to get a slightly toasted while you are laying out like the beach goddess you are. It’s very opaque so nobody will ever know you had a sunburn!!

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

This is my go-to bronzer. It smells like coconut, so it only adds to your beach experience. The color is warm and when dusted into the hollows of your cheeks and around your forehead, you can accentuate the gorgeous tan you are working on! 

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Coral

I love coral colors on my skin tone in the summer. They really bring out my green eyes and make my freckles totally pop. This shade of coral is so perfect for vacation. It will make you look natural glowy and flushed. Just don’t use it if you already have a sunburn…

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Eylure Eyebrow Wax + Clear Gel

I have been going really natural on my eyebrows lately and skipping my usual Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow. The eylure eyebrow wax is a Godsend. It goes on your skin MUCH lighter than this picture makes it seem, and helps lightly fill in the gaps in my brows. I sweep the clear gel overtop to hold those babies in place and I’m done!

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Naked Basics 2 Eyeshadow

I skip the eyeshadow altogether on the beach because I just don’t care to spend that much time when I am going to be swimming, however, I do use it when we go out to dinner. I love the colors in my Naked Basic 2 palette because they are matte nudes, so perfect for light crease contouring and inner corner highlight. I don’t do a full eye because it don’t like wearing that much makeup in the summertime. It fits right into my makeup bag and has every color you need.

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

If you’ve been around for any length of time, you guys know that Better Than Sex is my go-to mascara. It makes sense that I would snag their waterproof version for my fun-in-the-sun activities!! It stays on all day, doesn’t smudge or smear and is SUPER black. I skip the eyeliner during vacations and opt for a light layer of mascara only.

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

Buxom Lip Gloss in Coral

This is my new favorite lipgloss. It is so peachy and flattering. It’s not a “beach” makeup item, I opt for my chapstick with sunscreen in it for that, but it’s great to throw on for dinner. I skip the heavy lipsticks and go straight for hydrating gloss. Way easier to maintain, and lighter for summer.

Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

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Vacation Beauty Must-Haves

These are my FAVORITE vacation beauty must-haves and you honestly don’t need any more than that when you are going to be spending most of your days on the beach. I like to let my natural freckles show through and spend more time enjoying the company of my husband than in front of the mirror. These are quick products to help you look put together without going over the top.

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know your favorite product to take with you on your vacations below!!

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Krysten | 12th Jun 17

    Love a good BB cream when I’m on vacay, it works wonders and is so much lighter than a liquid foundation.

  2. Oh to Be a Muse | 12th Jun 17

    Such a helpful post, Taylor, as I’ll be off to Jamaica later this week. Gotta remember my waterproof mascara! Enjoy your trip to the D.R.

  3. Daneen | 12th Jun 17

    These are great products! The waterproof Better Than Sex mascara is the bomb! I don’t usually buy high-end mascaras but this one is def. a must have. 🙂

  4. Theresa | Primetime Chaos | 12th Jun 17

    Great choice of products! I actually own almost all of those haha.
    I just wish Tarte was readily available here in Austria! I love them!
    Sending love to you!
    xx, Theresa

    • Taylor Mobley | 12th Jun 17

      Thanks Theresa!! Tarte is awesome — I hope Austria gets access soon!

  5. Ro | 12th Jun 17

    I second the lip gloss! I love wearing lip balms and glosses in the summer as opposed to heavy lipsticks. I love this post!

    • Taylor Mobley | 12th Jun 17

      Thanks Ro!!! Glosses are just so summery — I am obsessed!

  6. Sara | 12th Jun 17

    BB or CC cream with SPF is the best! I wear it everyday, not just on vacations! Have fun on your trip–I’m jealous!

    • Taylor Mobley | 12th Jun 17

      Yes I wear it every day too! Sun protection is so important.

  7. Julia | 12th Jun 17

    I want to try all of these now!! I always struggle with finding light products to wear in the summer so I don’t sweat it all off, so I’m definitely going to be getting that BB cream.

    • Taylor Mobley | 12th Jun 17

      It’s really awesome. It doesn’t wear off quickly and it’s so comfortable on the skin!!

  8. Christina | 12th Jun 17

    I love BB cream. Which is also good if you have dry skin like me. And I usually will cover up with a very light powder. I keep wanting to try The better then sex waterproof mascara.

  9. Keating | | 12th Jun 17

    I have that Tarte blush, but have yet to try it out for some reason haha and I LOVE the Better Than Sex Mascara. I heard such great things about it and then fell in love with it instantly.

  10. Jasmine | 12th Jun 17

    I’m going on vacation next spring and I’m definitely packing my CC cream from IT Cosmetics with me because I don’t want to wear foundation in the sun. Lol

  11. cara | 12th Jun 17

    Loving the look of that blush! Coral is so pretty this time of year! Have a great trip!

  12. Erin | 12th Jun 17

    Tarte’s Amazonian Clay in coral is a favorite of mine, as is the Better Than Sex mascara. I’ve been meaning to give that Butter Bronzer a try!

  13. Krystin | 12th Jun 17

    Great picks, I have yet to try all of these!


    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jun 17

      You’ll have to let me know what you like best!!

  14. Bryanna | 12th Jun 17

    Girl, I wish I could narrow down my makeup products as well as you do 😂 I have a problem. Such perfect staples that will literally go with every look, no matter the occasion! You can amp up your look or tone it down with these products, which is perfect for condensing your packing load. Love the Butter Bronzer, Tarte blush, and Better than Sex Mascara!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  15. Jamie @ The Skinny Soul | 12th Jun 17

    I am in need of a new tube of mascara. I’ve never tried BETTER THAN SEX, but after your recommendation I’m thinking I need to check it out 🙂 Great list!

  16. Rachel Ritlop | 12th Jun 17

    these look awesome! I always bring trader joes tea tree face wipes

  17. ShootingStarsMag | 12th Jun 17

    Mm…bronzer that smells like coconut? Nice! All of these are great picks. Have fun on vacation.

  18. Jenny | 12th Jun 17

    I love Tarte blushes! Some of my favs.

  19. Mistle | 12th Jun 17

    Yes girl to the shape tape concealer! It’s amazing. I also need to look into that BB cream. Of course I love me some UD and Too Faced as well. Great picks girl!

  20. Helen | 12th Jun 17

    Ah! So jealous of your vacation. Loving the products you picked.

  21. Ashley Lauren | 13th Jun 17

    I have the Nars Palette, and absolutely adore it!

  22. Iliana | 13th Jun 17

    All of these are my beauty favorites already! With the exception of the bronzer, I have been wanting to try it for the longest! However I feel like it’s too light for me and won’t show.

    The better than sex mascara is perfect for a summer vacation – it defiantly does stay on! Lastly that Buxom lipgloss is my favorite. I’m actually running out! Enjoy your vacation 🙂

    Iliana |

  23. Amanda Kruse | 13th Jun 17

    I use the Better Than Sex Mascara and it’s my favorite!

    Amanda ||

  24. Chelsea Pearl | 13th Jun 17

    I need to try that bronzer! The scent sounds amazing.

  25. Adaleta | 13th Jun 17

    That bronzer is perfect for vacation! Great products

  26. Sharon | 13th Jun 17

    Ooooo I love tarte products but I’ve never tried their shape tape. It sounds perfect for weekends when I don’t want to pit of full makeup. Can’t wait to try it out!

  27. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries | 13th Jun 17

    Buxom lipglosses are my favorite! I have that coral shade and it is so pretty.

  28. Sondra Barker | 13th Jun 17

    I love the ‘Better Than Sex’, Waterproof Mascara! It is a must on everyone’s makeup collections! This list is pretty on point, I have to try the rest of these items on this list.

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jun 17

      It seriously is!!! Let me know what your favorite is!

  29. Lacey | 14th Jun 17

    That butter bronzer and the shape tape are SOOOOO good! Perfect summer beauty staples!



  30. Stephanie | 14th Jun 17

    I will definitely agree with the Tarte concealer and blush and the better than sex mascara. These are all such great picks. I hope you have an amazing trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it once you’re back!

  31. Stephanie | 14th Jun 17

    Is is a great list. I have heard that mascara is amazing and I have been meaning to try it!

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