Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

Hello, friends! It is so hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. When did it become the end of 2016?! Personally, for me, it has been one of the BEST years of my whole life. I have loved ~ a l m o s t ~ every second of it! That being said, I had way too much fun designing our christmas cards and graduation announcements this year. It is just that I love receiving christmas cards and look forward to seeing how everyone’s family grows over the years!

A tradition that I am carrying over from my family growing up into my new little family is to write a Christmas letter letting everyone know about the big events that happened during the year (adopted Felix, got married, graduated college…). I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year and Tiny Prints is helping me celebrate!

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards 

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

First of all — can I just say that creating cards on Tiny Prints is the easiest thing EVER?? I have used a LOT of card designing sites for things like my wedding invitations, high school graduation and helping my mom do our family christmas cards for years. Tiny Prints makes it so easy and simple to choose your design and then customize it. 

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

I went with their foiled cards for my Christmas cards. It looks so elegant and beautiful and captures the magical year we had! We used a wedding picture because we looked DANG GOOD in them and why waste that??? Couldn’t do it. SO there you have it. 

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

For our graduation cards, I chose a square style because of the simplicity. I focused on having our faces be the center of attention and highlighting the fact that we were, ya know, GRADUATING COLLEGE. LOL. Am I old enough for this???? Who said I was ready to be a real adult???? #notme.

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

Something else I love love loved was that you could customize the envelopes. I made sure to choose the envelope style that included pre printing our address on the back. It already takes long enough to write out everyone’s address — I don’t need to double that. AND I could add liners to the inside of my Christmas card envelopes to add that touch of c l a s s. The cards are thick and heavy, which I love. They are made of beautiful card stock and the envelopes are thick, too. The quality is extremely apparent. 

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

The other thing I loved about Tiny Prints is the fact that they care about each and every one of the orders that goes through them. You get an emailing letting you know when your order has been finished editing and when they ship. You can opt for a designer to look over your card design before printing to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for FREE! I love that because sometimes I am typing quickly and I misspell something or I miss a word. It is nice to know there is an extra set of eyes there!

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

Do you have any fun traditions that you like to do every year? Does your family do Christmas cards? It is seriously so exciting to me to get Christmas cards in the mail. I love decorating my fridge with my friends and family!

Tiny Prints Christmas + Graduation Cards

Let me know in the comments what big event you were most excited about this year! 

As always, thanks for stopping by. 


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  1. Victoria | 11th Nov 16

    these cards are so cute!! and great to use for holiday cards! love it


  2. Carissa | 11th Nov 16

    Your graduation & Christmas cards came out beautiful! Definitely using Tiny prints for my holiday cards!

  3. Rebecca Bryant | 11th Nov 16

    Wow those came out great. I need to use Tiny Prints for sons graduation next year. Thanks for telling me. about them.

  4. Elizabeth Johnson | 11th Nov 16

    We do Christmas cards too! I enjoy taking the photos! Sometimes it’s hard with a baby and a dog but always an adventure. Love the layouts you chose. They are so cute!

    Elizabeth Ann // http://www.lovedoinglife.com

  5. Rachel G | 11th Nov 16

    Whoa, you guys had a huge year as far as major life events! Congrats! I absolutely love your cards! Photo cards are so fun.

  6. Angela Tolsma | 11th Nov 16

    Your cards look awesome. That’s great that there’s a second set of eyes looking over your work.

  7. Greta | 11th Nov 16

    I’ve never heard of tiny prints but they sound awesome!

    Greta | http://www.gretahollar.com

  8. Courtney Bentley | 11th Nov 16

    OMG this is SO cute! I would love to do this for the holidays I need to get photos with my two shih tzus hehe
    Courtney Bentley || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com

  9. Terri Steffes | 11th Nov 16

    We are big into Christmas cards, having done it for 40 years now. We love Tiny Prints and other card companies and photo cards are a must for this family. We have our photos taken next week (Yep, cutting it close this year!) and then we will be ready to order!

  10. Tabitha Shakespeare | 12th Nov 16

    These are great! I love the idea of Christmas cards but we’ve never gotten around to doing them! I love tiny prints!

  11. Jeanine | 12th Nov 16

    Such great cards! I have to take a photo and get mine done soon. last year was the first year I just didn’t send any out I felt awful. I was newly pregnant though and just didn’t want to be bothered. This year I need to get on to tiny prints and get some done!

  12. karen | 12th Nov 16

    Adore Tiny Prints because they make cards (or anything they offer) look so chic! And yay to getting Christmas cards soon! Now to think about what to wear for some fun photos for that!

  13. Kelsie | 12th Nov 16

    These are all so beautiful! I have never heard of tiny prints before, but I think that their lettering options are just gorgeous. I love getting things in the mail, and Christmas cards are my fave!

  14. Toughcookiemommy | 12th Nov 16

    The card stock on these prints is just beautiful. They are lovely for sending friends and loved ones and sharing wonderful memories with them.

  15. Aileen (Aileen Cooks Blog) | 12th Nov 16

    Your Christmas cards turned out beautifully! We have been sending out picture cards every year since we got married and it is so much fun!

  16. Caroline | 12th Nov 16

    Tiny prints is fabulous. I love how these turned out

  17. Reesa Lewandowski | 12th Nov 16

    I love tiny prints. It’s always been one of my favorite sites to order cards from!

  18. Joy | 12th Nov 16

    These are great! I normally go through another company for small prints, but I’m totally looking into these for this year now! Also, thank you for REMINDING me to get a move on with Christmas cards 😐 I always drop the ball!

  19. Amanda @ Old House to New Home | 13th Nov 16

    I love TinyPrints! Their site is so easy to use. I am going to make my Christmas cards there!

  20. Kusum | 13th Nov 16

    Congrats on such a wonderful year! These are such cute cards to capture the big life events, love your photos Taylor and I am crushing over your lip color in the pics. Here’s to another 1.5 months of awesomeness the rest of 2016 🙂
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  21. Theresa | 13th Nov 16

    These cards look so pretty! Congrats on the graduation. That’s awesome news! Best of luck with your new adventures.

  22. Amber Nelson | 13th Nov 16

    Those cards are so cute. We need to get busy on our Christmas cards!

  23. Roxanne | 13th Nov 16

    I’ve used Tiny Prints for our holiday cards and birthday invitations in the past. Always good quality and they have really great sales.

  24. Dana Vento | 13th Nov 16

    Tiny prints are exactly I love! These cute cards are really ready this coming Christmas.

  25. Wendy Polisi | 13th Nov 16

    Wow! These cards are too adorable, this is my first time to heard about Tiny Prints and I love it now. I will check their site.

  26. Debra | 13th Nov 16

    What amazing and lovely cards! I need Christmas cards for this year. I am going to have to check this site out!

  27. Anvita | 14th Nov 16

    you have done an awesome job with these cards. I often use their sister company Shutterfly for cards and love their deals

  28. Veronica Flores | 14th Nov 16

    What a cool option to have someone look over your design before it sends off! I love getting christmas cards detailing what is happening in my relatives lives, especially the ones I don’t see often! Maybe I should start sending one out myself- with a picture of me and my dog! LOL

  29. imani | 15th Nov 16

    These cards are super cute! And anything customizeable for personity + occassion is always a winner, in my opinion. Looks like they have some really cool font choices too ~

  30. Rachel Ritlop | 8th Dec 16

    Congrats on graduating! Your cards came out great!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

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