Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

Happy #fashionwednesday!! Today we are taking a little peek inside my closet to look at…SHOES! I am probably the world’s biggest shoe lover. I am obsessed with them. In my opinion, nothing quite brings an outfit together like the perfect pair of shoes. As we exit summer (I know — how did that happen, right?) it is time to think about transitioning our wardrobe a little bit. One of the biggest things to transition are shoes, of course! So here are 5 types of shoes you can carry over from summer to fall seamlessly. 


Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

Shoes are a key part of every outfit. They can make or break your look, so it’s important to choose the right pair. The other key part of buying the perfect pair of shoes is versatility. I personally like to get as many seasons as I can out of the shoes I buy, so let’s dive into this.

The Strappy Sandal.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

This shoe is PERFECT for summer, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fabulous in fall, too. These gold sandals will transition well because they are a metallic, neutral shade (as opposed to like hot pink or something like that) and they have a chunky block heel. These shoes pair perfectly with white jeans and a chambray top, but they will also go with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and an oversized cardigan. 


The Open Toed Booties.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

I love open toe booties. SO MUCH. They are STINKING CUTE. These work perfectly for both seasons as well! The open heel and toe makes it wearable for warmer months, while the solid leather look and tasseled zipper make it transitional for fall. Incorporating both styles into one shoe will allow you wear them July – October, no problem. Once it starts to get chilly and snowy, though, you may want to grab something with a closed toe.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition


The Glitter Slip Ons.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

So I know that I say every shoe is my favorite…but these seriously are amazing. I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear them. They are sparkly and bright, and I actually wear them all year long. They’re fun with a white pencil skirt in the summer, with a jean jackets in the fall or with an oversized cream or pink sweater in the winter. These particular shoes were only $10 from Wet Seal, and to this day (over a year and half later) it’s the best shoe purchase I’ve ever made. You can hardly tell they’re worn (and I’ve worn them a LOT).

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition


The Converse Classics.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

This is obvious. These are a staple for every closet. I firmly believe that EVERY person should own a pair of white chucks. I constantly wear these with my overalls in the summer, and to transition to fall, all I’ve gotta do is throw on a red cardigan. They are comfortable and cute, and unless it’s raining or snowing, they pretty much work for most seasons. There are countless ways to style them, and I consider them a must-have for myself.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition


Cowboy Boots.

Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

Confession time. I love cowboy boots. I really really do. I got these for Christmas a few years ago and they are such a go-to shoe for me all year round. In the summer, they are GORGEOUS with a red or white sundress, or ripped jeans. In the fall, they are obviously adorable with a boyfriend flannel of your choice. I would wear these every day from August-November if I could. I’m a fan of brown boots anyways but I think cowboy boots add that extra needed flair to spice up an outfit.



Summer To Fall Transition: Shoe Edition

It’s so easy to put shoes on the back burner when deciding what you need for your wardrobe. HOWEVER. You don’t need to spend incredible amounts of money to get the look you need (remember my $10 Wet Seal STEAL?). I have tons of shoes, but trust me, it’s never enough.

Let me know in the comments below what shoes YOU carry through multiple seasons! Maybe I need to pick up a pair ASAP.


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  1. Leslie@Peaches&Willow | 23rd Aug 17

    These are all some really cute shoes. I love the open toed booties and of course, the classic Converse, too! And cowboy boots, because we all need a cute pair of those!

  2. Sam | 23rd Aug 17

    I’ll take one of each, thank you!

  3. Jessica | 23rd Aug 17

    I am so excited to get back into my boots and booties this year!
    xo Jessica

  4. Natalie | 23rd Aug 17

    I don’t have a pair yet, but I love the look and versatility of the open toe booties!

  5. cara | 23rd Aug 17

    LOVE those open toed booties! So cute! Also those glitter flats are adorable 🙂

  6. Tanvi Rastogi | 23rd Aug 17

    I am out and out a converse girl. I love comfy shoes.


  7. Jessica Collazo | 23rd Aug 17

    I’ in desperate need of some new converse. Love the open toe booties!!! Great selection by the way.

  8. Elizabeth | 23rd Aug 17

    I love all your shoes! I can’t wait to buy some boots for Autumn.

  9. Mia | 23rd Aug 17

    LOVE the open-toe booties! Those are so great to transition to fall. They look so great on you. 🙂

  10. Nicole Green | 23rd Aug 17

    Dying over those glitter slip ons!! Can’t wait to see how you style them this fall!

  11. Megan | 23rd Aug 17

    I LOOVE shoes. I could not agree more, they totally make or break an outfit. I’ve got these really cute spotty lace-ups that work perfectly transitioning between seasons.

  12. Jenny | 23rd Aug 17

    Cute shoes girl! I am a huge shoe lover myself.

  13. Kristen Jones | 23rd Aug 17

    I love open toed booties for transition outfits! They’re so perfect with every outfit and I find that they are much more comfortable than regular boots, too!

  14. Amanda Kruse | 23rd Aug 17

    Can’t wait to start wearing my booties! I wear my converse year around!

    Amanda ||

  15. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 23rd Aug 17

    I love love love those cowboy boots! I’m trying to find a good pair myself. Do you know where they came from?

    • Taylor Mobley | 23rd Aug 17

      Yes — I linked them at the top of the post! They are Ariat boots!!!

  16. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 23rd Aug 17

    I love my few pairs of booties and my converse! All are so versatile and can easily we worn throughout several seasons!

  17. Beth | 24th Aug 17

    It will be a while before I will get to wear my warm shoes & boots (& short-lived at that), but I can’t wait! Nice selection of shoes that you have!!

    Beth ||

  18. Kiara | 24th Aug 17

    Love the open toe booties and the slip on shoes you have here. I love my booties I have for fall, they are my go-to pick for all of September and October.

  19. Lily | 24th Aug 17

    I NEED those glittery slip ons, they are perfect!

  20. Kaitlin | 24th Aug 17

    Glitter slip ons – YES!!!!! I need a pair ASAP!!!

    I love wearing my open toed booties this time of year 🙂

    – Kaitlin

  21. Anna | 24th Aug 17

    Those glitter slip ons are so pretty!

  22. Alix Maza | 24th Aug 17

    My classic ballet flats are essential for both seasons! I’m seriously so excited for fall fashion.

  23. The Southern Thing | 24th Aug 17

    I’m all about the open toed booties these days! Perfect transition piece!

  24. Michelle @ And Then We Tried | 24th Aug 17

    I love those glitter slip ons! I tried to make my own DIY glitter shoes a few years ago and the glitter all peeled off the shoe in giant sheets. I should just buy some


  25. Jasmine | 24th Aug 17

    I need to get new boots that go up to the knee. Those are my favorite to wear in the fall.

  26. Joy | 24th Aug 17

    I LOVE open toed booties for any season! Being in Texas, i luck out because winter only lasts about a month so no shoes are left unloved!


  27. Mandy | 24th Aug 17

    So many great picks! I especially love the sparkly slip ons! They are adorable!

  28. Tatyanna | 24th Aug 17

    Okay, at first glance, those glitter slip ons immediately caught my eye! Talk about cute and comfy!

    xx Tatyanna

  29. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 25th Aug 17

    My open toe booties this season are my OBSESSION. Seriously, the best transition shoe!

    Coming Up Roses

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