How To Style A Boho Chic Look (For The Everyday Girl)

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY!!! I am so excited that it is huuuump day! That means only two more days until the weekend (HOLLA). I am SO ready for Friday already. This week has been full of exciting things going on, but most importantly: Coachella. MOST normal human beings do not attend coachella, but I still like stalking celebrity instagrams to see what the trends are for the year. There is always a 70s/boho vibe with flower crowns and flowy tops. Today, we are going to tackle a boho chic look that ANYONE can wear (not just a celebrity at Coachella). Let’s jump into it.

How To Style A Boho Chic Look (For The Everyday Girl)

boho chic look

Ok. So, I am a huuuuge fan of boho looks. I love peasant tops, floppy hats, flowy tassels. While my style doesn’t usually surround that kind of dress (that’s more my sister — she was literally born in the wrong era), it doesn’t mean I don’t like to look that way every once in a while! 

SO. Let’s take a peek at this boho chic style and four ways you can look like a 70s princess:

boho chic look

STEP ONE: Choose your top wisely.

This is important. Think about what you are trying to portray. In this case, we are going for a 70s boho look. That DOESN’T mean tie dye or psychedelic accessories. It means loose, bell-sleeved tops with a flowing fit. This particular top (shop the exact one here) has a high-low hemline with soft lace around the color and a light ivory color. It doesn’t have bell sleeves but I do think that would have been the perfect addition to this look. SO. let’s wrap this up. You are looking for: light and bright color (preferably pastel), flowing fit through the body, and bell-sleeves. 

boho chic look

STEP TWO: You need a hat.

This is important. I always feel when going for a boho chic look, flowy hats are a MUST-HAVE-do-not-pass-go-without-it. They are A. adorable and B. really pull this look together. SO. I got my flowy hat in the target dollar section so I would highly recommend checking that out. They always have amazing hats for like $5-10. Aka SCORE and also buy ALL of them. The key to buying the perfect floppy hat is that it can’t have TOO much flop or it gets in your face and it can’t have to LITTLE flop because then it looks still. My husband is king at choosing hats with the right flop so go through a couple until you nail it.

boho chic look

STEP THREE: These shoes were made for walkin’.

The shoes. SO important. OK. When you are choosing which shoes to pair with an outfit like this, remember, platform heels were a big thing in that era. I did not choose to go with an actual pair of platform heels, but rather some chunky heeled booties that had the essence of platform shoes. The thick heel is the trick here. 

boho chic look

STEP FOUR: A nude (or completely naked) lip.

I actually went with just a light clear gloss for this look. A big, bold lip isn’t something this look needs because I’m going for a more natural beauty and natural glow kind of feel. The mascara and eyeliner are already almost pushing it, so I skipped my usual bright lip and embraced my natural lips!


That’s a wrap, folks! Four steps to ensuring you have the PERFECT boho chic look. I love this vibe for the summertime. It is effortlessly cool, chic and totally put together. My heavy and bold winter style is slowly being packed away in favor of less makeup and more sunshine (and I could honestly not be happier).

boho chic look

Let me know what YOUR favorite era is and you best tip to styling it in the comments below!

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Rae | 19th Apr 17

    I love this look and the hat really pulls it together!

    Rae | Mindful Rambles

  2. Laura | 19th Apr 17

    OMG! Thank you for the tips! Will surely try out the look!

  3. Christina S. | 19th Apr 17

    This outfit is SO cute! I wish I was not a klutz and could wear white 🙂

  4. Jessica | 19th Apr 17

    That top is so ethereal and feminine and paired with the jeans it is the perfect boho coachella outfit! So cute!
    xo Jessica

  5. Erica | 19th Apr 17

    Love this look babe! So Jessa from HBO’s Girls. I have an affinity for 70’s glam a la American Hustle. The colors, the fabrics, the cuts, universally flattering, fun and oh so glam!

  6. Autum | 19th Apr 17

    Can’t believe you got that hat in the dollar isle. Love it and this entire look it’s super simple and it’s my style which comfy.

  7. Jasmine | 19th Apr 17

    Loving everything about this fashion. I have been wanting to get a hat like this.

  8. Dahli | 19th Apr 17

    Yes! I’m loving this look! I love the boho vibes look but I always have trouble translating it into everyday wear. You nailed it!

  9. Taylor Reese | 19th Apr 17

    Styling a boho look is where I lack serious confidence. I love how easy this one is to pull off. You look fab and your tips are great!

  10. Miranda Madden | 19th Apr 17

    Your photos are so insanely stunning, and I’ve been on the look for a hat like this for a while! xo Following you on insta.

  11. Erica @ Coming up Roses | 19th Apr 17

    YOU CUTIE. That pic of you laughing a little is my fave ever. Also need Target ASAP.

    Coming Up Roses

  12. Katie | 19th Apr 17

    Such a cute look!

  13. Shevy | 19th Apr 17

    Happy Fashion Wednesday to you too. Loving this boho chic and your sense of style. Some really great picks. Thanks for breaking it down step by step. I have everything I need to achieve this look 😀

  14. Kristen | 19th Apr 17

    I love the boho chic style and all of these tips! Thanks for sharing girl 🙂

  15. Georgiana Quaint | 19th Apr 17

    I think the boho chic vibe can be quite easily created with some plain look adorned with the right accessories 🙂

  16. Allison - Celebrating Sweets | 19th Apr 17

    I love this look! And your eyebrows are amazing!

  17. Mariah | 19th Apr 17

    I’m a huge fan of flowy boho tops too! I love how you styled this with the dark mules. So cute!

  18. Lee Anne | 19th Apr 17

    Love your style! This whole look is so cute, especially love the top!

    Lee Anne

  19. cara | 19th Apr 17

    That white top looks so pretty on you and those shoes are so chic and cute!

  20. Melissa Blake | 19th Apr 17

    Chic, indeed!!!! Love this look! xoxo

  21. Robin | 19th Apr 17

    You look so cute – so effortlessly put-together! I love that hat – the perfect finishing touch!

  22. Silvia | 19th Apr 17

    This is such a cute boho look! I love your top and that hat!

  23. Ashley | 19th Apr 17

    This is the cutest look! So effortlessly chic! I love your top and hat. The hat definitely gives the perfect finishing touch for your boho vibes!!

  24. Jenny | 19th Apr 17

    This look is so cute! I love that top.

  25. Krysten | 19th Apr 17

    CUTE look, I love your top!

  26. Mary | 19th Apr 17

    such a cute blouse and i love the hat and sandals!

  27. Alison @ Puppies & Pretties | 19th Apr 17

    I love this look! And I agree, a floppy hat is totally a must.

  28. April Kitchens | 19th Apr 17

    I love everything about this look! Since I am running behind a little person all day, id probably wear sandals, but definitely heels when I am kid free!

  29. Kristi | 19th Apr 17

    I love this look so much – so perfect for spring! Great styling inspo!!

  30. Jessica Sheppard | 19th Apr 17

    Loving your fab boho look! Your top is adorable with that fun hat and darling shoes! Totally perfect with that nude lippie. Too much cuteness!!!

  31. Rachel R Ritlop | 20th Apr 17

    super cute look! I totally looks like every day wear!

  32. ellie | 20th Apr 17

    I adore this look! It’s so soft and pretty! that shirt is so cute!

    Ellie |

  33. HauteBeautyGuide | 20th Apr 17

    I love this outfit! Its casual yet cute! and I love the pairing of the booties and hat! Xx- Doran @HauteBeautyGuide

  34. Allison Arnone | 20th Apr 17

    Love this look! So cute, clean, simple and perfect for spring 🙂

  35. Shannon @ Mom Without Labels | 20th Apr 17

    I NEED this top! Actually, I need the whole look. So cute!

  36. Rebecca Hicks | 20th Apr 17

    That hat is ADORABLE. You look so cute, Taylor, and I am looooving those shoes.

  37. jill conyers | 21st Apr 17

    I need your shoes. And the top. I’m on a mission now to buy both. You look great.

  38. Jessica | 21st Apr 17

    Beautifully executed look. I love how simple it is but so stylish too!

    Jessica |

  39. Lindsay | 21st Apr 17

    I love how this boho look is classy and not over-the-top! Very natural and realistic way for a regular person to be boho chic!! Lovely photos – I love the location choice for the shoot! xx, Lindsay | Paris, Meet Boston |

  40. Dawn | 21st Apr 17

    That look is super cute and you are adorable.

  41. Nishtha | 21st Apr 17


  42. Ashley | 21st Apr 17

    Such a great look! I love the hat too!

  43. Oyinkan Ogunleye | 21st Apr 17

    This is definitely super easy for any girl to pull off!! It would actually go great as an everyday look.

  44. Carly | 26th Apr 17

    Love this look girl! This is my go-to outfit most days.

    Carly |

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    […] I was going for a 70s look (apparently that’s my thing now. See this 70s inspired post HERE), I needed the hat. Go for a hat that doesn’t have too wide of a brim so it doesn’t […]

  46. Iliana | 11th May 17

    I’m totally loving your style! I would wear everything you style. This look is totally boho and those open toe booties are the perfect casual shoe, I need them in my wardrobe!

    Iliana |

    • Taylor Mobley | 11th May 17

      Thank you, girlfriend!!! You already have killer style — so that is a huge compliment coming from you!

  47. Stephanie | 11th May 17

    you nailed the classic bohemian style, girlfriend! i love the light and ladylike pieces on you and the way you added those perfect neutral accessories. this outfit is right up my alley!

    stephanie //

  48. Laurelle | 11th May 17

    I CANNOT believe this hat is from the Target dollar section! It looks so nice! And I love this look! It’s so beautiful and definitely nails the boho looks while staying modern and not looking quiiiiiite as crazy as some of the Coachella girls do, haha!

  49. Bailey | 12th May 17

    You look gorgeous Taylor!! I love this look at the vibe is just perfect!!!

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