How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

It’s #fashionwednesday, and I’m excited to bring you today’s post. You got a sneak peak of this outfit in my Three Vacation Outfits post (read it HERE), but I’m going to be going into detail about the full look here today! I am a big believer in “classy casual”. Looking FRESH AF and completely put together, but still casual enough that I feel comfortable during the day. It’s SO easy to put this type of look together, so let’s jump into it. 

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

This type of look is my favorite to pull off. I would say that it’s the most “me” an outfit can get. It is so put together, with the ripped boyfriend jeans, glitter heels and wrap top. I would classify “classy casual” as a mix of high class pieces (like this wrap top) with street style pieces like the boyfriend jeans. Other ways to do this would be a graphic tee and metallic maxi skirt.

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

STEP ONE: Choose your classy.

I picked this white wrap top because it is really nice material — it doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. It is a piece I would wear with black slacks if I had that kind of job or a pencil skirt if I wanted to dress it up. My second classy piece are my glitter heels. These are seriously fancy. Like wear to a wedding or prom fancy, so obviously I like to wear them during my everyday life.

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look



STEP TWO:  Choose your casual.

I opted for boyfriend jeans because they are so street chic. You can really dress an outfit down with the perfect pair of jeans. I spent SO long trying to find the best pair of boyfriend jeans – they need to look good on your butt while still looking loose. I purchased mine from American Eagle a few years ago, and it was the best purchase I’ve made! Between wearing them with graphic tees, to classic tops, to sweaters and cardigans, I wear them literally all year round.

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look


STEP THREE: Put it all together.

There is a trick to looking classy casual without looking like a crazy mix of styles. You want to look like you MEANT to put it together. Here are the best ways to putting this look together:

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

  1. Know your personal style. Make sure whatever you are wearing feels like YOU. If you are more of a graphic tee girl, and don’t care to mess with jeans (who can blame ya, tbh), throw this ish with a maxi skirt and call it a day. You will still look put together without trying as hard. 
  2. When in doubt, go with neutrals. Stick with metallics and solid colors if you don’t want to qualify as edgy. Throw on a bulky, sparkly statement necklace with a plain tee, or go with a solid black top and ripped jeans. Neutrals are ALWAYS flattering.
  3. Modest is hottest. Staying classy is really important to this whole ensemble. Don’t overexpose yourself, stay away from the midriff-baring tops, or skirts that are too short. Keep a little mystery with your outfit.

How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

This is my FAVORITE look. It is so versatile that you can really wear it SO many places. It is slightly more casual than business casual, but you could always swap the ripped jeans with dark skinny jeans and you have the perfect business casual outfit. This makes going from day-to-night incredibly easy. 


How To Rock A Classy Casual Look

I hope you found this information useful and liked the outfit I shared today! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite style is and why!




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Taylor Mobley


  1. cara | 28th Jun 17

    What a cute look! Your hair looks great like that too!

  2. Ashley | 28th Jun 17

    Looks amazing!

  3. Jenny | 28th Jun 17

    Love this outfit, girl! Those jeans are perfect.

  4. kileen | 28th Jun 17

    i’m in love with your jeans!! perfect distressing!

    cute & little

  5. Iliana Garcia | 28th Jun 17

    You totally do look classy and of course beautiful! The pumps and clutch added the classy vibes with a touch of chic. I love the lip color what is it?

    Iliana |

  6. Kristen | 28th Jun 17

    Classy casual is my jammm! I feel like it’s basically my style all the time haha 🙂 Your boyfriend jeans are adorable! I haven’t found the right pair yet but I’m always looking for a cute pair for myself.

    Kristen |

  7. sarah | 28th Jun 17

    Loving this outfit!! Those heels are everything!!

  8. Olivia Stacey | 28th Jun 17

    Obsessed with that clutch girlfriend! Love all of these style tips. Thanks for sharing this look. Way to rock it!

  9. Chelsea | 28th Jun 17

    Girl you seriously look so fab! LOVE your hair!!

  10. Nicole Green | 28th Jun 17

    Taylor, you look absolutely gorgeous!! I love that you paired your glitter heels with this.

  11. TUYET | 28th Jun 17

    Love this look and the pumps really gives it something extra!

  12. Corinne & Kirsty | 28th Jun 17

    It’s a great look! So simple yet chic and elegant! I love the shoes coz of the sparkles! love the blouse too! so beautiful! xx corinne

  13. Susannah | 28th Jun 17

    You’re so cute! I love the heels! <3

  14. Meredith | 28th Jun 17

    Adorable! I love this look and the idea of a graphic tee with a maxi skirt.

  15. Debbie Savage | 28th Jun 17

    You look absolutely fantastic! I am really really loving this cool and stylish summer look!
    xo Debbie |

  16. Kristi | 28th Jun 17

    LOVE this look – it’s comfortable, too – love mixing textures and style – thanks for the easy steps on how to pull this together!

  17. Rachel R Ritlop | 28th Jun 17

    nailed it! you look stunning!

  18. Kate | 28th Jun 17

    Always in need of casual and cute tips – love those jeans!

  19. Gina Marie | The Professional Woman Blog | 28th Jun 17

    Love those shoes. So cute. Great outfit. The shoes really just spicy things up.

  20. Alison @ Puppies & Pretties | 28th Jun 17

    I’m all about classy casual too. This is such a great look!

  21. Ali | 28th Jun 17

    What a great look! I love those sparkly shoes!

  22. Rachael Thomas | 28th Jun 17

    This look is so my style! I love the classy blouse paired with the distressed jeans, and what a great clutch!

  23. Ashley | 28th Jun 17

    Great look! I love how your shoes really dress it up!

  24. Marie | 28th Jun 17

    This look is so fun! I’m obsessing over those shoes.

  25. Beth | 28th Jun 17

    Great look and great distressed jeans!

    Beth ||

  26. Pammy | 28th Jun 17

    Naturally beautiful! Simply irresistible!

    Pammy –

  27. Whitney | 28th Jun 17

    You look so pretty in these photos!!

  28. Mary | 29th Jun 17

    you definiltey look classy and casual at the same time, and i love those heels!

  29. Stephanie | 29th Jun 17

    This ensemble is right up my alley. I’m a huge fan of those glitter heels and the mix of the classy top with the more street style pants. Distressed denim is always a good idea – especially with heels and a blouse! You’re killing it in this style, girlfriend!

  30. Shreya | 29th Jun 17

    Love the look babe and you are definitely rocking it. I love those heels!
    Shreya |

  31. Jenn | 29th Jun 17

    I love this look! This is my actual outfit goals!!

  32. Amanda | 29th Jun 17

    I love those sparkly heels!

    Amanda ||

  33. Megin Shearer | 29th Jun 17

    Low key obsessed with this outfit. It is so YOU – classiest chick around! xo

  34. Alix Maza | 29th Jun 17

    Love the outfit, but the shoes are GORGEOUS!

  35. Lacey | 29th Jun 17

    That clutch is so cute!!!!!



  36. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 29th Jun 17

    I’m such a fan – those glitter heels tho. We share the same glitter obsession and of COURSE obvi want to wear for everyday life hahaha

    Coming Up Roses

  37. courtney | 29th Jun 17

    I LOVE a classy casual look and it is one of my go-to’s for when i dont know what to wear and I need to look put together! You can’t go wrong with a blouse, a jean and a killer shoe!

  38. Bryanna | 29th Jun 17

    Easy as 1,2,3! Such a simple look, yet so beautiful! I need to remember that sometimes, because I love my prints haha. Nothing looks more chic than a white top, distressed jeans and some pumps.

    xoxo Bryanna

  39. adriana | 29th Jun 17

    This is the cutest outfit!!! I love it – then I saw your shoes and about died!!! In LOVE!!!!

  40. Novie | 30th Jun 17

    Hi That was a great post, I really liked it. I learned a lot. It is the quality of the content that matters most.
    Staying naturally beautiful with style. l also wrote about something similar, you can check it out here

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