International Women’s Day: Life Lessons Every Woman Needs To Learn

Happy Thursday – but more importantly, Happy International Women’s Day! Today is an important day for women everywhere. According to the IWD website, this year’s theme is #pressforprogress. With global activism like #metoo and #timesup heralding a new time for women, this theme has come at the perfect time. It’s time to be gender inclusive, motivate and unite friends and family and get communities involved. Gloria Stienen once said, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights”. I’ve collected a handful of super important lessons from the super important women in my life and wrote them out for you. These are important for every woman, in every walk of life, to know and take to heart. Take today to celebrate the uniqueness that is being a woman and to lift all the women you see today (and every day) UP.

Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDESDAY! Yesterday I hung out with the adorable ladies at the St. Louis Michael Kors store getting a sneak peek at their new arrivals and trying out some of their adorable spring dresses. Some of my very favs are pictured here (and linked – don’t worry) in this post!! SPEAKING OF WHICH: Today’s post is gonna be a good one – so buckle up. I’m about to change your life and your closet forever. There is a psychological reason we should be changing our closets to represent the correct season – not just because it helps keep your closet organized. Let’s do this.

Top Travel Beauty Products YOU NEED For Your Next Vacation

Happy TUESDAY! Today is going to be a such a busy day – I am hanging out with the fun ladies at Michael Kors in St. Louis getting ready for their big spring launch on Saturday, so definitely head over to my Instagram so get the inside scoop on that fun collection. 🙂 Because I’ve been traveling so much lately (and have two more trips coming up – one in March and one in April), I’ve decided to break down what I bring with me on my trips to show you how easy it is to travel AND look fabulous, without bringing 42 checked bags (for makeup and skincare anyways….you may need those bags for shoes….). Let’s dive into this!


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