5 Digital Safety Tips To Keep You Secure In Cyber Space

We live in a very digital world. Every single one of us has used the internet at LEAST once – if not dozens and dozens of times. It’s nearly impossible to do anything without having a computer or smart phone anymore. There are people who make a living by sitting behind a computer screen (waves hand frantically – that’s me!). While that is SO incredibly amazing, it also means there are new ways to steal information. Long gone are the days of “dumpster diving” (or going through your trash to find personally identifying information on papers you had thrown out like bills and other documents). Now, we all have hoards of personal information floating out in cyber space and it’s time to make sure that we have a lock down on that info so that our personal business stays that way. Read on for 5 digital safety tips to keep you secure in cyber space!

10 MUST-HAVE Products For Dewy Skin + Dewy Skin Tutorial

Happy #beautymonday!! Today, we are talking about the skin trend of the summer: DEW DEW DEW! If you have super oily skin already, you’ll know that dewy skin comes naturally and it’s been kind of nice to not have to powder your face every two seconds. You know – because you aren’t oily – you’re GLOWING. 😉 If you have dry skin, this is great because hydration has never been more IN. No more pretending like your face doesn’t feel like the Sahara because you need to be more ~matte~. Its a win-win for everyone. These 10 products will give you FULL FACE of dew and help you achieve that stunning and easy summer makeup look. I also filmed a tutorial all 10 items – so if you want to know exactly how to use them – be sure to give that a watch as well. 🙂 Let’s do this.


10 Shoes You NEED For Summer

Hey, hey HAPPY FRI-YAY! I’m pretty excited about this post because it’s about one of my very favorite pieces of clothing: shoes. Shoes are pretty much one of the most important parts of any look – can literally make or break an outfit. SO. In the interest of making sure that you are as stylish as humanly possible this summer – I’ve come up with 10 pairs of shoes that you NEED to own this summer. They are classic, versatile and *mostly* neutral so that you wear them again and again and never get tired of them. #thedream Not only are all of these pairs total classics that I personally own (so you know I can vouch for them 100%) – they are all also SUPER comfortable so blisters aren’t even an option with these. YA WELCOME. Let’s dive into this. 

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