Halloween In Your Closet — 7 Easy DIY Costumes You Already Own

Happy Tuesday! It’s still stubbornly staying in the 80s here in Missouri (ugh) but I’m rocking my fall sweaters like there is NO tomorrow. Today’s post is going to be super helpful for those of you who aren’t HUGE Halloween lovers (meaning you probably spent about $10 or LESS on your costume each year) but still like to stay in the holiday spirit. I get it (well…not really…but you do you) — so I’ve put together a guide of SEVEN Halloween costumes that can be put together using only items you already have lying around in your closet. I. Got. U. Let’s dive into it, fam.

Halloween Tutorial Series: Creepy Killer Clown

Happy #beautymonday! Back at it again with another Halloween tutorial — this makes #5, if you’ve been keeping track. And it makes #1 of tutorials that use fake blood. I’m super pleased with how this turned out — I have never done a clown before so I was nervous about filming my first time on camera! I actually kept creeping myself out when I walked past my mirrors in my house. I jumped a few times and screamed once. Whoops. Watch the tutorial on how to turn into a creepy killer clown below and let me know what you think! 

Hilton St. Louis At The Ballpark + 360 Rooftop Bar

Happy FRI-YAY! Tonight my hubby + I are double dating with my parents to go to a haunted corn maze and basically kick off the first weekend of Halloween RIGHT. Speaking of weekends, LAST weekend I had the chance to stay at the Hilton St. Louis At The Ballpark hotel and experience their incredible 360 rooftop bar. I was able to bring along two of my close friends to enjoy it with me and together we drank all of the virgin mojitos they would allow us to order. If you’re in the St. Louis area, this is where you need to be. 

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