Why it is OKAY to be totally different

Happy FRI-YAY, friends! I am so excited that it is the end of another week. We are halfway through April and well on our way to May (say WHAAAT). I am super excited because we got some sneak peeks back from our anniversary shoot and they are as dreamy and magical as my heart wanted them to be. PICTURES TO COME! I am ALSO super excited because today’s post is one I’ve been sitting on for QUITE some time. I guess now is the time to share it. 🙂 Let’s jump into this.

How To Style The Perfect Easter Dress

Well it isn’t a secret that it is EASTER on Sunday. I’m excited to be celebrating my beliefs with my family and enjoying a solid egg salad (because y’all know that is the only reason I go through the whole egg dying situation). One of my favorite family traditions is that even though we are all full grown now, we still hunt for Easter baskets. I always get a new book in mine which gets me excited every year. I love love love to read and getting lost in a new book especially. Also I typically get Starburst Jelly Beans and they are like, my favorite candy in the whole world. Soo. Without further ado….let’s jump into this.

Why You Need To Be Using Eye Masks

Happy #BEAUTYMONDAY! It’s a BEAUTIFUL day today in St. Louis, so I hope it is lovely for you, too. This past weekend was my first wedding anniversary and we celebrated with all kinds of fun things — most notably our anniversary photoshoot. We got some sneak peek pictures back this weekend, and I just about died. I can’t wait to show you all the pictures. TODAY, however, we are going to talk skin care and why YOU need to be using eye masks. Not just any eye masks, however, VIIcode 8 hr. Oxygen Eye Masks. Let’s dive into this.