The BEST Coral Blushes For Summer

Happy TUESDAY! I know we usually save beauty related posts for Monday and Thursday, but what the heck. I am a beauty blogger, after all! Today’s post is really fun because it’s a trend I’ve been absolutely OBSESSING over lately – blush. Fun fact: I didn’t used to love blush. I actually barely even wore it for YEARS. This summer though I’ve been loving the sun kissed (almost sun burned) blushy look. The perfect color to swap on your face during the warm summer months is hands down CORAL. I’m sharing and swatching my seven favorites so keep reading to find out which ones they are.


Mother’s Day MAKEOVER (feat. my mama)

Happy #beautymonday! Yesterday was a big day for mom’s everywhere: Mother’s Day! Hopefully you were able to spend the day with your own mama, or (if you are a mom yourself) with your sweet family celebrating YOU. This past weekend I filmed this video with my mama to introduce you to the best woman I know and to bring everyone a few laughs. I’m sharing how to apply makeup to women 40+ and which products are the best for this type of skin so they feel as BEAUTIFUL as possible! Keep scrolling to watch the full video! Let’s do this.

10 Lessons I Learned From My Mom

Happy FRI-YAY! It’s a weekend for mothers, so I am going to be bragging on mine a little bit because I’m not a mom myself! First things first – I honestly have the best mom. She is flawless in every way. Not only is she gorgeous (thank goodness for good genes, amiright?), but she’s kind and sweet and smart. She has ALWAYS been a rock for me growing up, gave me room to make mistakes while guiding me to the right decisions. I will be incredibly lucky if I am half the mom she is one day when Adam and I decide to have children. I decided in light of Mother’s Day – I am going to share the top 10 lessons I’ve learned from my mom over the last 23 years. Let’s dive into this.

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