Best Friend Questionnaire


Happy Friday! That means t-minus 1 day until WEDDING DAY for Chelsea! I am beyond excited to be a part of my best friends big day. In honor of this, I wanted to do something different for B&A and introduce you to my main squeeze, Chelsea Marie. I sent her a questionnaire and had her fill out one with the answers she thought I would say, and one with her answers. Let’s find out how well we REALLY know each other after all these years with this Best Friend Questionnaire. We get one point every time we answer something correctly, and I’ll add the points up at the end!

The Summer Outfit You NEED To Own

Happy #fashionwednesday!! Woo-Hoo! If you’ve been following along, it’s t-minus 3 days until D-DAY (aka my best friends wedding). I am driving out tomorrow to do maid-of-honor-and-best-friend-forever duties so Chelsea isn’t super stressed before she walks down the aisle. Today’s post is covering the summer outfit that I’ve had on REPEAT for the last couple weeks. I am in love with how effortlessly chic this look is! You can easily recreate it – and I’m sure you already have the items in your closet to do so (don’t worry if you don’t – I’ll link to each item below)!

Bridesmaid Makeup Video Tutorial

HAPPY #BEAUTYMONDAY. I know what you’re thinking. Omg. Taylor finally did another video tutorial. She crawled out from whatever rock she’s been hiding under when it comes to filming herself and ACTUALLY FILMED SOMETHING. I know guys, trust me. The main problem I have is that my camera doesn’t auto-focus (arughhghhh) so I have to have someone home with me to focus it on my face OR I have to focus it with a baseball bat because I can’t reach the button. #thestruggleisreal. ANYWAYS. All of that to say. Yes. I did film for you. Let’s jump into this bridesmaid makeup video tutorial shiz.