Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Tutorial

HAPPY FRI-YAY. I’m coming in hot with another makeup tutorial *audience collectively gasps*. I KNOW. THREE IN ONE WEEK? WHO AM I? But for real — today is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette Tutorial. This palette JUST dropped last week — so it’s a hot ticket item and it’s totally beautiful. I wanted to do this review pretty quickly for you guys who are on the ball with ordering it. Let’s do it.

Halloween Tutorial Series: Ripped Open Mouth

Happy THURSDAY. It was a HECK of a time trying to get this makeup tutorial filmed for you. I actually filmed a completely different tutorial yesterday morning, decided I hated it, and refilmed an entirely new tutorial instead. So, that was about 6-7 hours of my time yesterday getting this filmed and ready for you. It’s totally cool — I love you guys, so it’s worth it. Anyways: I settled on a ripped open mouth tutorial — it is super versatile. You can use this for a zombie, a glam look (like featured), a dead bride, etc. Endless options here. Keep scrolling to watch the full tutorial! 

How To Wear White Jeans Into Fall

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! It’s the second week of October and I’m STILL rocking….white jeans? *insert my grandmother clutching her pearls in horror* It has LONG since been a taboo to wear white after labor day, and this week, we are going to dispel that myth with a few simple ways to carry white into fall. You don’t have to completely overhaul your wardrobe to look totally chic — let’s dive into it.

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