Neon Sunset Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

Happy #BEAUTYMONDAY! I am SO happy it’s another week! The second week of August (crazy) and we are loud and excited in the Mobley house today. We adopted a brand new kitten into our house and we are trying to slowly introduce him to our other kitty, Izzy! His name is Chester and he’s SO cute. He’s a bundle of total fun and we can’t wait for he and Iz to be best buds. In other news, I filmed this gorgeous Neon Sunset Smokey Eye Video Tutorial for my Day 21 of the #100daysofmakeup challenge. I think it’s totally gorgeous and I am kind of obsessed with it. I hope you enjoy this video!


How To Achieve Work-Home Balance When You Work From Home

Haaaaaaappy FRI-YAYYYYYY. I’m thrilled we have made it to another weeks (HOLLA). I had the best week catching up with friends and getting shiz DONE. #worklife. And speaking of work life: today I wanted to show you guys how to have a work-home balance when you work from home (because we all know when we spend all day erryday in the same spot, the lines get a little blurry where work starts and home begins). SO. Let’s dive into it.

Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

Happy Thursday!! Today, I am going to be talking about my first impressions with the Pure Barre class in my area. My friend Ashley and I went together a couple times last week because they offer the first week free. I was excited to go because I used to dance, so it sounded like a perfect combination of dance core workout and strength training. I have been trying so many different types of workout classes lately trying to find the one that really works best for me, so here goes nothing.

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