How To Survive The Holidays Without Going Broke

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a crazy month already. All my gifts are bought and wrapped and making their way under the tree. I’ve been SUPER proactive this year in getting everything ordered way ahead of time. That has both been a blessing and a curse. I just recently thought I misplaced almost TEN Christmas gifts and was 100% panicked. Some of the items were limited edition and no longer available. SOS. Luckily – they had been strangely tucked away in a box out of sight to keep them all together (ironically). Thank heavens they were found but that is the danger with buying your presents so far in advance. LOL. Anyways – speaking of buying a zillion presents, here is how to survive the holidays without going broke. Let’s diving into it.

Stocking Stuffers For Her Holiday Gift Guide

Happy #beautymonday! Today is actually my baby sister’s EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY. What the heck. Where did the time go? Wasn’t she 10 like, yesterday?!?!?!? I’m mildly freaking out but so proud of her and the woman she’s becoming. Ugh. Cue the tears. Today’s post is the absolute LAST of this year’s holiday gift guides. We are going to chat about this week’s Stocking Stuffers For Her Holiday Gift Guide! It’s the best little collection of small, fun, affordable items to stick into your favorite lady’s stocking this year. Let’s dive into it.

How To Wrap Christmas Presents Like A Pro

Happy Thursday! If you haven’t already gathered, Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year (preceded only by Halloween, and followed closely by my birthday). I already have all my shopping DONE for this year and now I am in the midst of wrapping everything for a fabulous Christmas morning. Gift giving (and receiving) is my top love language so this time of year it is especially important to me that I choose the exact right presents for everyone on my life and then wrap them to perfection. SO. Let’s dive into wrapping gifts 101, shall we? 

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