Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35

Happy TUESDAY!! Today, we are diving into more summer fashion – specifically, accessories. More specifically, EARRINGSSSS. I love earrings and I typically wear them a lot more than I wear necklaces. I usually have patterned outfits more just plain prefer my dainty “T” necklace vs a big chunky statement necklace. So, I’ve gone through the internet (ya welcome) and found 35 of the BEST statement earrings for the summer. The best part? They’re all under $35 for my ladies on a budget. Because look – I get it – we all wanna rock Kendra Scott and Anthropolgie earrings but I literally can’t justify spending $50-$75 on pair of earrings at this time in my life. Maybe one day when I’m a millionaire. But today is not that day. SO. Enjoy these beautiful summer picks. Let’s dive into this.

BoxyCharm Unboxing + Tutorial | June 2018

Happy #BEAUTYMONDAY! I received my very first BoxyCharm in the mail last week (I was excited to say the least) and couldn’t wait to share all the fun full-sized products with you. After opening the palette inside, I knew immediately I HAD to film with it. The bright oranges and sea blues have summer written all over it. I’ve been posting a lot of easy, neutral looks lately, so I thought I’d break out of that and play with some fun colors. I am also reviewing each of the products that came in the box and talking about overall value and whether or not I think it’s worth the $21 per month. Get the full tutorial and all the info in the video below!

How To Heal A Severe Sunburn WITHOUT PEELING

Happy FRI-YAY!!!! We are going to take a little trip down memory lane – Sunday, I was reading my book and enjoying myself thoroughly by the pool when I was VICIOUSLY ATTACKED BY THE RAYS OF THE SUN and when I went inside, over the course of the next few hours, I began to notice that my skin was actually radiating heat. I had chills, I was heating up my clothes, my husband hugged me and HE flinched from the heat. I am not kidding you – it was probably one of THE WORST (if not THE WORST) sunburns I have ever had. Was I surprised at this turn of events? Nope. Not even a little. I often get burned the first time I go out into the sun in the summertime, even with sunscreen (and I DO WEAR SUNSCREEN MOM), it’s just that I am SO pale and I think I may actually be a vampire? Jury is still out. Ugh. Anyways. I became terrified that I would peel and lose the little color I hoped to keep from this burn so I went on a hunt to my local Sephora and LUSH stores to harass all of the employees into sharing their skincare secrets to getting rid of a sunburn – fast. And boy did they deliver. Let’s dive into how to heal a severe sunburn WITHOUT PEELING.

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