Fourth of July Style

Hey, hey party people! I hope you had a safe and wonderful Fourth of July! Our country isn’t perfect, but I love it SO much. I have to admit…during those fireworks, I teared up just a little bit. No matter what, I am proud to be an American. I will always love my country. Today’s post is my #OOTD from yesterday (I know I’m a little late but I like to think I’m just really early for next year) + a little bit of a recap from my BBQ. Let’s dive into this Fourth of July Style.

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Fourth of July Style

Fourth of July Style

I have a formula I always follow when it comes to Fourth of July. Blue top, White Pants, Red Shoes. I’m serious. If I posted my outfits from the last five (at least) Forth of July’s, I’m fairly certain that is what I would come up with. So, it probably isn’t any surprise that I stuck to what I know and pulled that out again. 

Fourth of July Style

My Outfit:

I wore a blue chambray top, white jeans and red toms. I am a big believer in going all out for the Fourth of July. I lovelovelove this holiday because I lovelovelove my country. I wanted to wear a dress, but couldn’t find one I felt stoked about this season. I chose a red necklace to pull in the red from my shoes so that it looked cohesive and put together. 

Fourth of July Style

Chambray tops are the BEST to style for the Fourth of July. I have worn them with white jeans (as pictured), I have worn them with red dresses tied up at the front (and cowboy boots), I have worn them tucked into red and white gingham skirts, the options are literally endless. When choosing what top to pull out for the Fourth, I love choosing chambray.

Fourth of July Style

White jeans / white shorts are good. I have even debated white overalls (I love them so much). They are bright, look good on everyone, but unfortunately they don’t lend themselves to eating burgers / hot dogs / red punch very well. While I think white denim is the bomb, make sure you aren’t someone who likes to spill on themselves before pulling them out on one of the messiest food days of the year.

I know Toms were like super popular there for a while, and then they kind of fell off the wagon a tiny bit, but I’ve gotta say, I still really like them. They’re comfortable to walk in (which is important during a festival), they look bright and fun, and the red version they have is the PERFECT America red. 


My Hair & Makeup:

I chose to go crazy, as always. I did an amped up version of the tutorial I did on Monday (watch it here). I did a blue – black winged eyeliner gradient, a silver glitter halo eyeshadow, glitter in my corner, and fake lashes. I didn’t think I was going to pull out my falsies, butttttt. I did because I was feeling a little bit #extra. 

Fourth of July Style

For my hair, I did a double dutch braid half up half down beach wave look. Holy crap I need a new name for that. It is actually so much easier than it looks. You just part your hair down the center, curl half way up your head, braid the uncurled hair at the top in two sections and put the pony tails in little space buns! All in all, it look me less than 15 minutes to complete start to finish. If you guys want to see a tutorial on this hair look, drop me a comment below.

Fourth of July Style


Adam’s Outfit:

If you know my husband at all, you know he is the world’s most patriotic man. He LOVES America. He has a lot of country pride and I love that about him. He wears red white and blue somewhere on his body every single day. I’m not joking, other than our wedding day, every single day I’ve known him, he’s worn red white and blue. #dedication

Fourth of July Style

He opted for his favorite comfortable tee that encompassed all the colors of the flag. He loves this shirt. It paired well with his grey shorts (because he refused to wear jeans, which is totally fine. It was SO hot & humid). His favorite part of the outfit, though, was his American flag socks. This guys been wearing American flag socks all week in preparation for yesterday. Way to go, buddy. LOL

Fourth of July Style


Our BBQ + The Festival

We had a blast cooking out and setting up our beautiful red white and blue table. I spent days getting everything together, and planning out the food, drinks and dessert. We had burgers (naturally), fruit punch (Hawaiian punch + sprite), blue + white chips with red salsa, and an American Flag fruit pizza. 

Fourth of July Style

Fourth of July Style

We went to watch the fireworks and hear Creedence Clearwater play downtown, which was super fun. I got kettle corn, italian ice and pretzels. I lovelovelove fair food more than anything else and do NOT believe calories count on the Fourth of July. SO there’s that. The fireworks were beautiful and it made me appreciate the beautiful country I live in. 


Fourth of July Style

I hope you all had a beautiful and safe Fourth of July. I can’t believe we are already over halfway done with 2017. It feels like we just started this year. 

Fourth of July Style

Let me know if you liked this outfit in the comments below, and tell me what YOU chose to wear!   




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  1. Oh to Be a Muse | 5th Jul 17

    Your hair looks really cute like this. Do you have a tutorial of how you did it?

    • Taylor Mobley | 5th Jul 17

      Not yet — coming next Monday!!! Stay tuned!!

  2. Victoria Onken | 5th Jul 17

    i love the little double buns! so cute!

  3. Mandy | 5th Jul 17

    Gorgeous look! I love how you pulled the entire look together with your accessories and lip color!

  4. Boho Slage | 5th Jul 17

    Cute <3

  5. Mackenzie | 5th Jul 17

    Love this post so much. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite days of the year (right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving) so I can totally relate with you about how exciting it is. Also LOVING your hair like that!! Not sure I could pull it off, but it looks so cute on you! xo


  6. Jessica | 5th Jul 17

    Such a cute fourth of july tablescape and outfit! Love your lipstick!
    xo Jessica

  7. Jenn | 5th Jul 17

    You look like you had an amazing 4th! Love your decor, outfit, makeup, hair! It is all perfect.

  8. Alison @ Puppies & Pretties | 5th Jul 17

    Love this look! Perfect way to look patriotic without being over the top.

  9. Amy | 5th Jul 17

    Just adorable! I love the makeup. Thanks for posting what you used!

  10. Kristen | 5th Jul 17

    Love your entire outfit! Especially the red statement necklace 🙂

    Kristen |

  11. Adaleta | 5th Jul 17

    Your makeup looks amazing, and Iove how you braided your hair too!

  12. kileen | 5th Jul 17

    i love your red necklace and shoes!

    cute & little

  13. Iliana | 5th Jul 17

    Taylor you two are the cutest and this party you put together it’s so stinking cute! You’re making wish I could of crashed it hahaha

    You’re eye make up is also another one of my favorites. You totally rocked the 4th of July look.

    I hope you had a good one!

    Iliana |

  14. Whitney | 5th Jul 17

    I love your makeup! So festive! And I saw your tutorial that you posted about it too 🙂

  15. Rachel R Ritlop | 6th Jul 17

    ahhh it all looks so cute! and you look fab!

  16. Tanvi Rastogi | 6th Jul 17

    Loving your hair and make up both here. Really like how you decorated for July 4th too! 🙂


  17. Azanique Rawl | 6th Jul 17

    I love this outfit girl! That red necklace is seriously so darn cute

    – xo, Azanique |

  18. Stephanie | 6th Jul 17

    You two are way too cute in your festive outfits! I love that your man is so patriotic and even wears the colors every day haha! Your hair is friggin adorable like this. You should do a tutorial on it!

  19. Jessica Collazo | 6th Jul 17

    Your outfit is so cute I just love how simple and chic is.

  20. Megin Shearer | 6th Jul 17

    This is the cutest ever!! Looks like you guys had a fun 4th!

  21. Ashley Lauren | 7th Jul 17

    Cuttte! Your makeup is gorgeous!!

  22. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 7th Jul 17

    You are SO DANG CUTE. You’re like a walking American flag. <33333

    Coming Up Roses

  23. Lacey | 10th Jul 17

    You are too cute! I love that blue liner!



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