How To Find Stylish One-Piece Swimsuits

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! I am so super excited for today’s post. As you know, I went to the Dominican Republic last week and one of my favorite parts of getting ready for the trip was picking out a new swimsuit!! It is really hard for me to find suits I like because I don’t wear bikinis. I wear tankinis or one-piece swimsuits. Finding flattering one-pieces that don’t make you look frumpy is one of my LEAST favorite tasks. BUT. Over the years, I’ve found that if I look in the right places, and find the right brands, I can find swimsuits that make me feel pretty. Let’s dive into this.

The Best One-Piece Swimsuits For Summer

One-Piece Swimsuits

OK. Finding swimsuits is not an easy task, as we established above. There are ways to make it easier however. Here we go.

Step 1: Establish your budget

One-Piece Swimsuits

This is important because obviously, you can find cute stuff no matter what if you have an unlimited budget. HOWEVER. Most often, we don’t have an unlimited budget, and that means we need to work smarter at finding the right deals. My favorite swimsuit brand is Anthropologie, and if you are all about spending a little bit of cash up front to get a swimsuit that will last several years, I highly recommend them. Another brand that is on the high-end when it comes to pricing would be RadSwim (buy the swimsuit I am wearing HERE), and I totally adore them. They are right up there with Anthro in terms of good quality swimwear. If you are looking for something a little trendier, that will only last a season or so, I’d go for Target (sometimes) or Cupshe! You can usually find something for about $20 instead of $100. 

Step 2: Choose the most flattering style

One-Piece Swimsuits

Whatever your reason for ditching the bikinis, you deserve to look and feel fabulous in your one-piece swimsuit. I tend to go for the vintage-vibe swimsuits and love love love the way they look on my body type. I have a slight hour-glass shape, with hips and an average sized bust. I typically like to accentuate my waist line so I go for things with narrowing centers, slanting stripes, peplums and busy patterns. Flattering can mean many things, so instead of focusing on what the world tells you you should be wearing, make sure you FEEL gorgeous when you put it on. If you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy. And how you feel is all that really matters.

Step 3: Online or in-person

One-Piece Swimsuits

This is something that you have to decide yourself. I feel perfectly comfortable ordering swimsuits on the internet. I have done it multiple times and have always had good results. I recommend getting out a soft tape measure and accurately measuring your entire body. I have my measurements saved on my computer and take new ones once a month because I tend to fluctuate. Usually, the comments will reveal whether or not something runs big or small. Anthropologie, for example, runs slightly small. I tended to get a medium instead of a small. RadSwim runs fairly true to size so I got a small and it fit perfectly (don’t forget to check out this swimsuit HERE). Just make sure you have accurate measurements of your body when ordering. If you are in person, you know the drill. Try them on until you find one you like. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

One-Piece Swimsuits




One-Piece Swimsuits

I hope that if you are a girl who doesn’t like to wear bikinis, you don’t feel like that means you can’t be beautiful and sexy. You TOTALLY can. I feel just as confident in my one pieces as I did in my bikinis. No matter what you decide to wear, I hope you feel incredible in it. 

One-Piece Swimsuits


One-Piece Swimsuits

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite swim suit company is — I may need to check them out!!






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Taylor Mobley


  1. Samantha | 21st Jun 17

    Thank you for this! I do not feel like rocking a bikini this year, but I could totally go for something like this!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Jun 17

      I really love this suit– and one pieces in general. They can be JUST as stylish as bikinis and are totally timeless!

  2. elizabeth allcock | 21st Jun 17

    Lovely post! I have so many bikinis and all in one swimsuits from ASOS they have so many great styles.

  3. Alissa | 21st Jun 17

    I love that one piece and that float! It really is hard to find that’s stylish and comfortable and love the sparkles!

  4. Kristin Cook | 21st Jun 17

    I love this, Taylor! Thank you for the suggestions! I am all about modest swimsuits! And I LOVE your suit!

  5. Stephanie | 21st Jun 17

    I so wish I could pull off one piece swimsuits. I love the way they look, but with my ridiculously long torso, they can be terribly uncomfortable. I have heard that ASOS offers extended torso suits though, so maybe I’ll have to check into that! This one is so cute on you! I love the glittery bodice!

  6. Neely Moldovan | 21st Jun 17

    I love this. I really dislike wearing two pieces so this came at a great time!

  7. Marah | 21st Jun 17

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve always been a little nervous to buy swimsuits online, especially ones on the cheaper end but it’s really hard to find a big selection in the stores! I’ve had my eye set on a one piece for a while, they’re so flattering and a really fun fashion statement to make this summer!

    Fashion Blog

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Jun 17

      Thanks girl!! They are so cute though – and definitely a wide variety online!

  8. Tanvi Rastogi | 21st Jun 17

    Love this suit Taylor. It is super cute. Will checkout your other recommendations.


  9. Jessica | 21st Jun 17

    That suit is so cute! Love the sparkly top!
    xo Jessica

  10. Mary | 21st Jun 17

    This suit is just my style, I love that it has a little bing and it’s modest! The perfect combination.

  11. Lauren | 21st Jun 17

    I just got a one piece from trina turk and I LOVE it. You have a lot of cute ones here as well!

  12. Brooke | 21st Jun 17

    I’ve never seen a one-piece like this, it looks amazing! I love the bell skirt look and the sparkles! Awesome find.

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Jun 17

      Thanks Brooke!! It would look fab on you too!

  13. Susannah | 21st Jun 17

    Your suit is adorable! I would love to find a flattering one piece but I always look so stumpy in them. Maybe this is the summer I’ll find one!

  14. Lee Anne | 21st Jun 17

    I love a good one-piece and so glad there are so many great styles out there right now!

    Lee Anne

  15. Nicole Green | 21st Jun 17

    I love that one pieces have come “back” into style! The sequins on this one are so cute and you gave so many helpful tips on how to start the search for one!

  16. Julie | 21st Jun 17

    Your swimsuit is adorable! Great advice. And timely as I need a new swimsuit. This post makes me not dread shopping for one now. Thanks for the tips!!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Jun 17

      I’m so glad!!! I hope that you find a super cute one!!!

  17. Lauren | 21st Jun 17

    I haven’t jumped on the one piece suit trend, but this is changing my mind. I love how flattering they can be as opposed to a two piece!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Jun 17

      They really can be! I love all my one-pieces!!!

  18. Gaby | 21st Jun 17

    Iยดm glad the one piece suits are making a come back!

  19. Sami | 21st Jun 17

    This is really helpful. I’ve not worn a one piece in years and I’ve been hesitant to try one again. Thank you.

  20. Petra | 21st Jun 17

    I would love to wear one piece suits and trying to find a pretty one for sure. Yours is so cute!

  21. Lauren | 21st Jun 17

    This one piece is so cute! I love the sequins on the front!!


  22. Lauren | 21st Jun 17

    This suit is so fun and sparkly!! I’ve definitely been a fan of the one-piece trend this season. This looks adorable on you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lauren //

  23. Jasmine | 21st Jun 17

    Target is my favorite place to shop for 1 piece swim suit but clearly, I need to go shopping at the place you got yours. It’s so cute.

  24. Kristen Kvan | 21st Jun 17

    i love this suit on you! Its so pretty! I’ve been searching for a good one piece so thanks for linking some places! I Cannot wait to check them out!

  25. Jenny | 21st Jun 17

    That swimsuit is so cute on you! I’ve been loving one pieces lately because they’ve come out with so many cute ones.

  26. Kuleigh | 21st Jun 17

    I love the sequin detail on your suit! I’ve found tons of cute suits at Aerie this season!

  27. ShootingStarsMag | 21st Jun 17

    All very good tips! I have a two piece, but it’s a skirt and top so definitely not a bikini. It looks more like a once piece and I like that!

  28. Neelofar | 21st Jun 17

    This swim suit is so adorable! I’ve been so nervous to try the one piece trend, but you’ve inspired me!
    Neelofar | The Loveliest Lily

  29. Amanda | 21st Jun 17

    This swimsuit is so cute! I love the floral bottoms and sequin top paired together!

    Amanda ||

  30. Allison | 21st Jun 17

    I love that the one piece is considered back in! You can find them for relatively inexpensive prices too!

    • Taylor Mobley | 22nd Jun 17

      ME TOO!! The cupshe brand is SO inexpensive and awesome!

  31. Krysten | 21st Jun 17

    I got a suit from the same place that you got this one from. They’re incredible! Great post Taylor, you look fantastic!

  32. BeautyByGaby | 21st Jun 17

    I am all about one piece swimwear.
    I actually love the top in this piece it definitely hides the rummy area which is my biggest issue.

  33. Alexis | 22nd Jun 17

    Your swimsuit is too cute! I just ordered a one piece that’s black with the off the shoulder detail.

  34. Helen | 22nd Jun 17

    I love anything pink and sparkly! That is such a cute suit!

  35. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 22nd Jun 17

    The suit you’re wearing is soooo, so adorable! I love it and it’s so flattering for many shapes!

  36. Meghan | 22nd Jun 17

    Cute swimsuit! I have been obsessed with one piece swimsuits lately!!

  37. Joscelyn | 22nd Jun 17

    Such a cute suit! I’m all about the one piece suits these days, but you’re right, it can sometimes be hard to find a cute one. I haven’t been brave enough to order one online, but I’m going to take measurements like you suggested and it shouldn’t be a problem!

  38. Megin Shearer | 22nd Jun 17

    Okay I have literally bought zero swimsuits in the past tow years?? I need a new one SO bad… One pieces freak me out but you look so darn cute why should I be afraid?? Love!

  39. Brittany Daoud | 22nd Jun 17

    That swimsuit is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing these tips too!

  40. Lisa | Retro Housewife Goes Green | 22nd Jun 17

    I’m normally a tankini girl but I’ve been working on swimming a mile and a one-piece seems easier so I need to find one! Thanks for the tips.

  41. Anna | 22nd Jun 17

    I love how one pieces are in right now! The one you’re wearing in these photos is so cute!

  42. Bryanna | 23rd Jun 17

    I have been on the hunt for the perfect one-piece! Being in the itty bitty titty committee, it can be hard to find one that doesn’t have a plunging neckline. Or my butt isn’t hanging out of it for that matter haha. I definitely have to check out those suits that you linked up!

    xoxo Bryanna

  43. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 25th Jun 17

    I’m SO into one-pieces right now. I can’t get enough!!!

    Coming Up Roses

  44. Katherine | 26th Jun 17

    Okay that swimsuit is super cute! I’ve actually been loving Pacsun’s swimsuits this season. They have some really cute ones that aren’t super expensive.

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