The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis

Happy FRI-YAYYYY. I hope you’ve been enjoying all my Halloween tutorials — I’ve been LOVING making them for you. It’s totally been a BLAST. Today I wanted to create a guide for all my local St. Louis readers (and anyone looking to visit in the area): The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis. There are so many awesome activities to do in the St. Louis area during the month of October — and there is still SO much time to do them before the month is over — so let’s dive into it!

The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis


The Darkness is one of my all-time favorite Haunted Houses. My mom, dad, Adam and I all went last weekend and it was SO MUCH fun. They really did an amazing job with the attention to detail and I would love to go back. They have the perfect mix of animatronic characters and real characters, and a lot of time they looked the same until they started moving and scared the crap out of you. It was fabulous. The only problem was at the end of the Haunted House, people were moving too slow and it caused a bit of a traffic jam, which ruins the scary a little bit. That may not happen every night, though, it just did on our particular night. 

Age recommendation: 14+

Ticket price: $25 / person


This is an underground haunted house – and supposedly, it’s really haunted. Take a lamp and all your friends and excavate the caves yourself…if you dare. πŸ˜‰ The tag line is “go ahead and scream loud…no one can hear you underground” so if that doesn’t scare you already, nothing will! It’s the only underground haunted house in the St. Louis area and tickets can be bought in a combo pack with The Darkeness + Creepyworld (see below). 

Age recommendation: 14+

Ticket price: $25 / person

The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis


This is great for all ages! Zombies and monsters take over the park once the sun goes anything goes. There is a wide variety of places to get your scare on including several haunted houses and scare zones located throughout the park. They also feature an illusionist during specific times of the night and you can watch as he performs his magic on the audience. 

Age recommendation: any age

Ticket price: $63.99 / person


If you prefer actually shooting all the zombies instead of just being scared by them (aka, my husband), then you will LOVE the haunted paintball park. Paintball is fun by itself but it’s WAY MORE FUN when it involves hitting ghosts and ghouls along the way. Everyone sits on a hayride as zombies attempt to overrun the truck. You’ve just gotta make sure you hit them to keep you and everyone else safe during the ride!! This location also features a haunted zombie laser tag so I’d recommend signing up for both!

Age recommendation: any age

Ticket price: $29 / person (for both paintball + laser tag), $19 / person (for paint ball only)


This haunted house was voted number one in Missouri for 2017 — so you know it’s a good one.  Phobius is designed to flow like a book, transporting you into the world of Dr. Cyress Fears:  Operator & Doctor of Cirque du Phobius. Mainly circus themed, it revolves around a giant circus tent and the various “circus freaks” one can find there. 

Age recommendation: 14+

Ticket price: $25 / person

The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis


This haunted house is actually an escape room! You are locked in a small room, apparently having been the victim of a serial killer. With only 20 minutes left to live, you have to work out who your killer was based on various clues. 

Raven’s Curse is also home to Slaughter On The Midway, an abandoned carnival-turned-haunted house. Weave your way through carnival rides, the funhouse and an old spook house, and try to escape the killer clowns, if you can! 

Age recommendation: 14+

Ticket price: $15 / person (for the escape room), $23 (or Slaughter on the Midway)


Creepyworld is Missouri’s largest attraction. It has 13 haunted attractions inside and is over an hour long, start to finish (most haunted houses are about 30-40 minutes in length for reference). It includes a haunted trick or treat hayride, a haunted christmas town, haunted war zone, whispering woods cemetery and MUCH more! 

Age recommendation: any age

Ticket price: $25 / person

The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis


The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis

I am SUCH a haunted house junky….I love them. I think they are hilarious and fun and typically spend most of the night screaming and then laughing. My favorite part of haunted houses is looking at the special effects makeup throughout the houses. I try to figure out what they used, techniques they utilized, etc. I think I freak some of the workers out when I stare very intently at their faces LOL. I also think this is why I don’t get very scared — I am such a behind-the-scenes girl, especially with special effects makeup, that it fascinates me more than scares me!!

I hope you try out some of these awesome attractions — and I will have my corn maze / pumpkin patch guide up ASAP!!!

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  1. Emily Fata | 20th Oct 17

    I get so easily scared by haunted houses, and these all look absolutely TERRIFYING!!!

  2. Lisa | 20th Oct 17

    There is nothing like this in our city at all. I can’t believe you have so many scary Haunted Houses to choose from. Being locked in a room sounds terrifying to me, I find myself claustrophobic in small spaces so being stuck in a room would not be my choice for a fun evening. CreepyWorld sounds like a good way to spend the evening with all the different attractions!

  3. Neely Moldovan | 20th Oct 17

    I can’t do haunted houses. I had a horrible experience about 5 years ago. Im such a baby!

  4. Ellen | 20th Oct 17

    Vov!!! I got terrified looking at the person in phobius haunted house!

  5. Alexa | 20th Oct 17

    I love haunted houses, too! But I am such a baby once I’m there lol. We wanted to do zombie paintball when we went to the pumpkin patch but didn’t stay long enough–it looked super fun though!

  6. Ebony-Rose | 20th Oct 17

    Love this! We don’t have many haunted houses in our state and I wish we did, so much fun!

  7. Helen Little | 20th Oct 17

    These look SO creepy, would love to visit them! Great roundup!

  8. Rachel | 20th Oct 17

    These sound awesome! I love haunted things (esp this time of year)!

  9. Rachel @ The Confused Millennial | 20th Oct 17

    Ahh this looks awesome! I’m going to HHN in orlando this year buttt maybe next year we’ll head to St. Louis!!

  10. Jessi Smith | 20th Oct 17

    These look awesome! I think the underground one would be the best. Enjoy!

  11. Krystin | 20th Oct 17

    This is so cool, I love that you rounded these up, makes it so much easier for locals! Haunted houses are always so much fun, love doing that to get in the Halloween spirit!

  12. Christine of Sensory Friends | 20th Oct 17

    What a great list of haunted houses for members of the community to dare to venture!

  13. Whitney | 21st Oct 17

    I used to love haunted houses but now I’m too scared. We have some pretty awesome ones (or so I’ve heard) but nope nope nope. I’d totally do the escape room though!!

  14. Kate | 21st Oct 17

    I’m secretly terrified of haunted houses, and totally avoid them at all costs!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. Alix Maza | 21st Oct 17

    The haunted houses there look so much scarier than the ones here! Although I get scared so easily haha.

  16. Amanda Kruse | 21st Oct 17

    I heard that Missouri has some of the best haunted houses! We don’t have time to make it to one this year.

    Amanda ||

  17. Melissa | 21st Oct 17

    This is so good! It would probably give me a heart attack… but at the same time I love getting scared lol

  18. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 22nd Oct 17

    I’d ONLY do one if it was with y’all!!!

  19. Chelsea Pearl | 22nd Oct 17

    I would def be terrified to see that one zombie guy! I did our local Six Flags Fright Fest a few years ago and it was pretty fun!

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