about my intern

Introducing my awesome intern, Megin! She and I actually were next door neighbors in college (fancy that), and just recently reconnected over our love for fashion and blogging. I had been looking for an intern to help run B&A for quite a while now, and when Megin reached out to me wanted to learn more about blogging….#itwasfate. Read on to learn more about her!

Hi friends! My name is Megin Shearer. I am a 21 year old wife, college student, Alaskan, outdoor enthusiast, and Paris fanatic. I attend college in Idaho and am currently studying to earn a degree in Video Production. I met the love of my life during my second year of school, and we were married on September 4th, 2015. My summers are spent either in the mountains or creating wedding photos + films professionally with my husband. A few of my favorite things include minty candy, our miniature schnauzer Harvey, and being with my family.

I am crazy about fashion and the ability it gives me to express who I am. On my blog, you can expect to see a combination of all my favorite things – fashion, lifestyle, and travel. I am passionate about everything I post, and my goal with the Megin Shearer blog is to inspire my readers to pursue their passions & express their personal style with confidence!


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