7 Texturizing Hairsprays That Will Change Your Hair Game

Happy FRI-YAY! Today, I’m talking about one of the most important hair products in my routine: texturizing hairspray. I have been testing a million of these out and am breaking down these seven on the market. This is basically the texturizing hairspray olympics – I put these sprays through a series of tests that prove whether or not they are actually worth your hard earned money. Texturizing hairspray is used for that perfect, piece-y, Victoria’s Secret-esque look. It typically has a medium hold and tends to mattify a hairstyle. Another pro: if you are looking to do a braided hairstyle, texturizing hairspray is a great aid in making sure your braid doesn’t slip out of place. 


Travel Diaries: Philadelphia, PA Vlog

Happy THURSDAY! Today’s video is not a makeup video (don’t worry though – Monday starts the second annual #100DAYSOFMAKEUP challenge. If you aren’t following along on my Facebook page and Instagram for that – WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE). If you hung out with me on insta over the weekend you’ll know I was in Philly hanging out with my three blogging besties and my hubs! We had SUCH an amazing time and I am beyond sad that we really only had a good 48 hours before we had to come home. Adam and I drove the whole way up to Philly and enjoyed lots of quality time together. There are so many fun things to do in Philly, and we were so pleasantly surprised at how much we were able to squeeze into 48 hours. I’m also including some of my favorite picks from the shopping the N-sale this weekend (like my all-time favorite joggers and the must-have cardigan for fall). Let’s dive into this.

Why You Need A Denim Mini Skirt ASAP

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! Today, I am sharing one of my ALL TIME favorite outfits of the moment: my graphic tee + jean skirt combo. I’ve been really into the 90s style clothing lately with a lot of denim, distressed fabrics and easy street style. I love how casual you can be while still looking put together. This outfit is super easy to put together and I’m not gonna lie – it makes you feel like a bada$$. I’m here for it. Also – just a little PSA: it was over 100 degrees when we shot this outfit so yet. I look sweaty. We are going to move past that and just jump into this.


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