Halloween Tutorial Series: Glam Scarecrow

HAPPY #BEAUTYMONDAY. You’ll be THRILLED to hear that today starts the first day of my Halloween tutorial series! I am kicking it off with a simple + totally doable look before getting into crazy special effects. 😉 I want everyone to be able to do all of this along with me, so I will do my best to make my tutorials as EASY PEASY as possible for you! I will be doing 2 (and sometimes 3) tutorials a week all the way through the end of October — that’s how excited I am. I will probably have more Halloween tutorials than regular makeup tutorials by the end of this (I’m not even mad). Anyways. Let’s dive into this.


How To Plan For Your First NYFW

Happy FRI-YAY! I am currently en route to yet another state this week (if you’ve been keeping count — in the last week and a half, I’ve been to: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and now Texas). I’m on my way to STYLECON DALLAS! I’m so excited — and can’t wait to meet everyone who is going. Shoot me an email if you’re going to be there, I’d love to meet up! Today, however, I’m recapping my NYFW, giving you my inside tips to rocking it your first time and showcasing my literal RIDE OR DIE shoes that lasted through sunshine, rain and the lower east side. Let’s do this.


How To Style A Shift Dress So You’re Trendy, Not Frumpy

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY. I am still kind of on a high from my week in NY but I’m getting back into the swing of things here in St. Louis! I was able to do a shoot with my favorite photographer in the world on the Brooklyn Bridge last week in one of my FAVORITE outfits: a bell-sleeved shift dress. I have ALWAYS been a little bit wary of shift dresses because they can sometimes just HANG on your frame — totally drowning your figure. However, I learned that you just have to find the right one and accessorize accordingly! Here’s my guide on how to style a shift dress to look trendy, not frumpy. Let’s dive into this.

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