How To Battle Summer-Time Dryness With SK-II + Chiara Ferragni

Happy Friday, beautiful people. 🙂 I am LOVING the warm weather we are having lately here in Missouri (aside from, you know, all the rain). I absolutely cannot wait until Memorial Day when my pool opens up! I plan on doing ALL my work in front of the pool and getting a nice tan to go along with it. Now in addition to all that sunshine — there is something that REALLY drives me crazy: my dry skin. Typically throughout the year, I have extremely oil skin. But when I’m in chlorine and the sun, my skin takes a beating and it gets flaky and g r o s s. SO. In honor of the impending dry skin, let’s jump into it.

Cocovann Handbag For Spring

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! It has been a crazy week of change for me (for the better). I am starting a fun new phase of my life and will be blogging full time (HOLLA). It is exciting that I am able to take this amazing passion and put it into action as my career. SO: THANK YOU to all of you amazing, beautiful, wonderful people who consistently read B&A. It’s all possible because of YOU. ANYWHO, enough about me, let’s talk about Cocovann. I’m super loving this handbag company because of the super soft material and really unique designs. Let’s jump into this!

Halo Couture Hair Extensions

Happy #BEAUTYMONDAY. Another week is upon us (how did the weekend fly by so fast??) but regardless of how you feel, I hope this post is a fun pick me up for you. So let’s talk about extensions. I have been TOTALLY against them for a loooong, long time. I always thought “there’s no way those can look real” and basically wrote them off for being too much work. When halo couture extensions reached out to me and wanted to do a sponsored post, I almost said no! But then, I thought, what the heck. Other people wear them and look amazing. Why not me? So. I did it. Let’s jump into it.