10 Thanksgiving Traditions To Start This Year

Happy FRI-YAY! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching — and we are so excited. Louisiana here we come! Today we are talking all things tradition when it comes to this festive holiday. Adam and I are still trying to put together traditions for our own little family, while keeping traditions from both of our childhood’s growing up. When you get married, there are things you both bring to the table and meshing those traditions and memories is a big part of a successful marriage! There are so many traditions I want to try (I’m kind of a tradition junkie) so I rounded up my top 10 Thanksgiving traditions I want to start this year with my hubby. Let’s do this.

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to showcase the fabulous events from last week’s Greetabl Friendsgiving shoot! I had the BEST time hanging out with other local St. Louis bloggers — it’s always amazing to meet other incredible women in this industry and make new friends. #communityovercompetition — ALWAYS. 🙂 Take a peek at our Greetabl Friendsgiving below!

3 Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Happy #fashionwednesday! I love Thanksgiving. We spend this particular holiday with Adam’s family every year. I love them so much and this year we get to spend a whole week in Louisiana! We are so so excited. In prep for Thanksgiving, I’ve been shopping around Target’s “A New Day” line and have promptly become obsessed with it. There isn’t a piece I’ve tried on that I haven’t loved. This outfit is SO cozy and the best part? It hides my food baby that I KNOW is coming. I’m making room for pumpkin pie. So much pumpkin pie. Let’s jump into these 3 Thanksgiving Day outfits!

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