22nd Birthday Party Outfit Inspiration

Hi-ya, friends! Today is a SUPER special day because I start my new job as the Digital Marketing Manager for Pulse Fashion (aka my dream job). I am SOOOO excited to be able to share my talents and work with a team of really wonderful people. I’ll be sharing more on this later so stay tuned! Next on the agenda for today: although my birthday isn’t TECHNICALLY until the 19th (TOMORROW), I celebrated with my family last night. I put together 4 party outfits for you ladies who have January birthday’s like myself (although it honestly could work with any birthday. I’m just partial to my fellow Capricorns). Let’s jump into it.

22nd Birthday Party Outfit Inspiration

Birthday Glam Makeup Look

Hello, blog fam! I am so glad to see you back again this week (or welcome — if this is your first time hanging out with me)!! In case you were not aware based on the title of this blog post — IT IS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK. What’s a birthday week, you ask? It is an entire week all about me. Because it’s my birthday. I believe everyone should have birthday weeks. Anyways — this week my birthday is on Thursday so I am celebrating in FULL FORCE. I turn 22 in 3 days. Who said I was allowed to grow up, huh? To kick on Birthday Week with a bang, I’m showing you one of my FAVORITE looks using the Tarteist Pro Palette (what’s new lol). It’s full glam because — it’s my birthday and I can. Let’s jump right into this.

birthday glam makeup look

Why You Should Be Juicing

Happy  FRI-YAY! I am so glad for the end of another week. My husband and I have spent all week putting together the furniture we bought for our new home! IKEA — you’ve got to have better instructions. #realtalk. I can’t wait to show you our home as soon as it’s finished! That’s for another day though — today, I am talking a little bit of health and fitness (because, you know, I’m a leading expert LOL). But actually. My hubs and I have decided that it’s time for us to eat better. For some reason, only eating pizza and pop tarts isn’t the “adult” thing to do now that we’re graduated. We were gifted a really nice juicer for our wedding, and we finally have a place to put it. We did some research, found a recipe and after nine months, used it for the first time. Here’s why YOU should be juicing, too:

why you should be juicing

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