How To Make And Keep Friendships As An Adult

Happy TUESDAY, fam. Today’s post has been weighing on my heart for a while. I am patiently waiting for the day that a Tinder-for-bffs is made (and like not a creepy one) so that I can meet more friend soul mates and live happily every after. Lately, I’ve been pondering what it means to be a good friend, how to make friends as an adult, what it takes to keep your friendships long lasting and and how to effectively communicate in your long-distance friendships (and even your close friends). I wrote a post last year that touched on the communication portion (read that post here), but I felt like I needed to go more in-depth on the actual friendship portion itself. AND HERE WE ARE. So, let’s go ahead and dive into it.

Chatty GRWM Video + Birthday Makeup Haul

Happy #beautymonday!!! I hope you had the best weekend – I am still celebrating turning 23 because #birthdaydiva but it feels crazy to me that another year in my life has come and gone! I am hoping 23 is my absolutely best year yet so here’s hoping. 🙂 I did get some awesome new makeup products this year for my birthday and a bunch of you wanted to see a haul so I filmed a chatty get ready with me and my birthday haul for your viewing pleasure. If you want to see a mini bronze eye tutorial and watch some first impressions of my birthday products, please watch the video below! 


Birthday Gift Guide Under $50 For Her

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am sure at this point, you are thinking, “As if anyone could forget – you’ve only posted about it every single day this week”. And I feel you but I’m #sorrynotsorry. Today, 23 years ago at a little after 3am, I was pulled screaming into this world with forceps and blessed my parent’s life forever. 😉 I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love, be married to the love of my life, own two beautiful angel kitties and be living in a city I adore! Today, I am doing the ultimate birthday gift guide for your favorite ladies. These are some of the items I asked for this year plus a few others that I didn’t but probably should have so they’re going on my half-birthday wish list (just kidding. I don’t celebrate my half-birthday…but maybe I should start????). So whether she is your BFF, sister, wife or mama — this gift guide is the one-stop-shop you need – and everything is under $50. SO – you can shower your best gal this year without breaking your bank! I believe that birthdays should be celebrated all month long (and you better believe I’ve been celebrating all month long – just ask my husband. 😉 ) so let’s do this thing.

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