Halloween Tutorial Series: Peeled Back Skull Face

Happy #beautymonday, beautiful people!!! We only have TWO HALLOWEEN TUTORIALS left after today for the month of October (BOOOOO) and I’m SO bummed about it, tbh. I have loved filming these spooky tutorials for you and I hope you have enjoyed following along. I am also coming to an end for my #100daysofmakeup challenge. TOO MANY THINGS ARE ENDING. AHHHHHHH. ANYWAYS. If you want to see how I got this fun optical illusion makeup look, please watch the video below! 

The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis

Happy FRI-YAYYYY. I hope you’ve been enjoying all my Halloween tutorials — I’ve been LOVING making them for you. It’s totally been a BLAST. Today I wanted to create a guide for all my local St. Louis readers (and anyone looking to visit in the area): The Best Haunted Houses In St. Louis. There are so many awesome activities to do in the St. Louis area during the month of October — and there is still SO much time to do them before the month is over — so let’s dive into it!


Happy Thursday! It’s time once again for another Halloween tutorial! I really like this one — it’s not what I usually think of when it comes to Halloween, and it’s not scary or gory, so it’s perfect for those of you who aren’t really into that kind of thing. It’s a fun look that is a costume in itself — all you need is an all black outfit and a black/silver/white wig!! You can even go as far as to paint your hands and full neck if you want to continue the illusion. Watch the full tutorial below:

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